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► [animation] is the longest blockchain the right blockchain? Blockchain 100 questions episode 48

Time : 19/08/2021 Author : 3wfmye Click : + -
        According to the bitcoin white paper, nodes always think that the longest chain is the correct blockchain and will continue to extend it. All miners mine on the longest chain, which is conducive to the uniqueness of the blockchain ledger. If the bitcoin transaction transferred to you is not recorded on the longest chain, you may face property loss. What is the "longest blockchain"? Because miners all over the world are mining at the same time, it is possible that two miners at the same time have calculated the correct answer, then the blockchain will form a fork, and the remaining miners may continue mining on any one of the forks to extend the blockchain. Therefore, we usually require that after the bitcoin transfer is packaged, it needs to go through the confirmation of 6 blocks to ensure that the miners will not return to another fork to mine. Only then can the transfer be truly successful.
        Huobi cooperated with Sina Technology to create the industry's first series of small animation "blockchain 100 questions" to explain the blockchain. The abstract blockchain concept was transformed into 100 sets of easy to understand 1-minute small animation, and each episode learned one knowledge point ~.
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