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In the face of the controversy of "initiative" and the challenge of "touch porcelain", HPB core chain said that it proposed hardware based FPG in 2017

Time : 25/08/2021 Author : 8avpz1 Click : + -
        On July 23, ant group's press conference attracted the attention of the market. The project ant chain, named by Ma Yun himself and claimed to be no less than Alipay, has also become the focus, which makes the related concept stocks of ant group, which has a listing plan, revel again on the basis of soaring prices. However, behind this lively scene, HPB core chain immediately released an article entitled "ant chain" the world's first software and hardware blockchain "which is false propaganda, and HPB core chain will reserve the right to pursue responsibility", which shifted people's attention to a controversial event. The release of this article has attracted the attention of the industry, but some media have referred to it as "touch porcelain" without knowing the facts clearly. Because it involves more complicated professional knowledge, the society pays less attention to it.
        On August 7, our reporter exclusively interviewed Hu Jichen, partner of HPB core chain, and made a response to relevant questions. In the article "ant chain's" world's first software and hardware blockchain "is a false publicity, and HPB core chain will reserve the right to pursue responsibility", it is mentioned that the statement of "global initiative and originality" in the world's first software and hardware blockchain solution claimed by ant chain all-in-one is not true, and the company will reserve the right to pursue responsibility. Hu Jichen, partner of HPB core chain, said in an interview: "After the publication of the article, we also observed that the original relevant reports and wording of ant chain have been revised and optimized. Similarly, as a Chinese enterprise, HPB core chain is also a startup company. Our original intention is that as a blockchain industry, we should have an open, cooperative and inclusive attitude to jointly promote the development of blockchain in China. Especially in the special period of Sino US relations, we need to abandon some of our own walls Base and interests, and jointly promote China's globalization process.
        ”。 Our reporter has learned that it has been reported that a person close to ant chain said that the hardware privacy solution of ant all-in-one machine has been adopted for a long time. In addition, it is not the same technology as the first domestic blockchain self-developed software and hardware all-in-one machine of HPB core chain, and the description is different. It is not the same thing at all. The market direction and application direction of the two are also different. They are two products with different technologies. In view of this problem, Hu Jichen believes that it is difficult for us to give a detailed and objective description of the similarities and differences in terms of the information published by ant chain. In the general direction of hardware and blockchain, there are several feasible solutions for the acceleration of blockchain: (1) hardware improves the processing capacity of a single node. In this segment, you can choose to accelerate the execution of transactions or contracts through hardware; (2) Hardware improves the throughput of the network. In this subdivision field, you can choose to improve the network distribution capability through hardware; (3) The hardware random number enhances the efficiency of the consensus algorithm. For example, the next round of "mining machines" can be quickly selected through a fixed hardware random number algorithm.
        Our BOE has tried and made efforts in the above direction. We hope ant group will release the details of their acceleration as soon as possible, so as to give a more detailed comparison. Hu Jichen told our reporter: "Ant chain's & lsquo; the world's first software and hardware privacy blockchain solution, hardware acceleration solution, etc. & rsquo; in combination with their previous official information, we will discuss it from two aspects. As far as the combination of blockchain and hardware trusted execution environment is concerned, ant group is not the first in the world. This part can be illustrated by facts: as early as 2017, institutions such as Berkeley University and IBM in Zurich proposed that blockchain and hardware can The combination scheme of the letter execution environment.
        At present, the official data provided by ant group is limited. It can be seen from the technical paper "confidence support over financial grade consortium blockchain" received by acmsigmod20 that the idea of its combination scheme is more than 80% coincident with the "Ekiden: aplatformforconfidence preserving, trustworthy, and perforantsmartcontractexecution" published by Berkeley University in 2017. Note that, The emphasis here is on the combination of blockchain and tee, not the similarity of the article itself.
        Therefore, we can easily see that ant group's solution in this part is not the only one nor the first in the world. ". "Ant group is not the first hardware acceleration solution for hardware to transaction and contract, and we can also prove it with facts. For example, we proposed a hardware based FPGA blockchain acceleration solution in 17 years, and the previous press release and source code can be found. If necessary, we can provide more information to prove it. As a leading scientific and technological innovation company in China, ant group claims to be the world's first software and hardware We hope ant group will respond to what innovations it has made in the combination of hardware and blockchain. " He said, "in today's world where intellectual property disputes are increasingly prevalent, all our innovations are put on the surface. If we just steal other people's ideas, rely on our own strong engineering capabilities, carry out simple packaging, and then claim to be the world's first fully independent R & D, it is bound to fail to convince the community, and it is easy to be caught by foreign peers & lsquo; the little braid of stealing foreign intellectual property & rsquo;.
        ”。 In response to this question, on August 7, An unnamed person in charge of ant chain told our reporter: "Blockchain is a kind of faith for ants. We have been actively exploring and focusing on independent research and development. The papers on the blockchain software and hardware privacy solutions of ant all-in-one machine have also been selected into the acmsigmod20, the highest gold content in the database. Ant chain is committed to solving the pain points related to social enterprises. Ant all-in-one machine is the first commercially available online privacy protection technology in the world. It currently supports 1 billion accounts and 1 billion daily The transaction volume can achieve 100000 cross chain information processing capabilities per second.
        ”。 Jing Xiandong, CEO of ant financial, said in an interview with Yao Qian, director of the Bureau of science and technology supervision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission: "blockchain is a new trust infrastructure in the digital economy era. It will be highly relevant to everyone and every small enterprise in the future. Ant chain will also help to do business in the digital era, and it can be as simple, convenient and low threshold as opening a shop on Taobao.". In response to the relevant response of HPB core chain, some netizens in the community asked: if ant chain firmly believes that there is no problem with the concept of "initiative", will HPB core chain consider using legal means to protect its rights?. Hu Jichen believes that the rise and development of an industry can not be separated from the support of national policies, nor can it be separated from the attention of practitioners in all walks of life. In particular, the development of blockchain technology requires practitioners to calm down and conduct research and development in a down-to-earth manner. A seemingly small achievement is often accompanied by the boring research of technicians day after day.
        Every step taken by everyone should be respected. "Both the HPB core chain and ant chain contribute to China's blockchain cause, which is also a matter within China's blockchain. We hope that through this event, entrepreneurs can get the respect they deserve. The industry needs the participation and promotion of technology giants as well as the exploration and contribution of pioneers. We will also continue to promote the development of China's blockchain software and hardware, and adhere to the geek spirit of blockchain open source Open source the core code of blockchain software and hardware, blockchain wallet, blockchain browser and other product codes. " Hu Jichen told our reporter. Facing the question of "touching porcelain", Hu Jichen said, which is right and which is wrong? I believe the public and the media will look at this matter from the perspective of neutrality, the public and development.
        Since 2017, many domestic and foreign media have reported on the products of HPB core chain in-depth integration of blockchain software and hardware. They can search for keywords such as "HPB core chain software and hardware combined with blockchain products" on Baidu, Google and Youtube.
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