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The talent reserve of the blockchain industry is urgent, and Shaanxi universities should open blockchain undergraduate courses at the right time

Time : 23/07/2022 Author : ct75od Click : + -
        Blockchain undergraduate course & mdash& mdash; "Blockchain technology principles and development practice" will officially open on March 31 at Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Xidian")!. 2018 is called the first year of blockchain. As one of the hottest topics at present, the influence of blockchain has penetrated all walks of life. Under such circumstances, the supply of high-quality technical talents in the blockchain industry is in short supply. It has become an urgent task for colleges and universities to step up the training and export of professional blockchain technical talents. Setting up professional courses is one of the important ways to solve the shortage of talents, but the blockchain courses require relatively high overall level of teachers.
        Up to now, only Tsinghua University has successfully opened relevant courses in China's universities. In order to solve this problem, a number of blockchain related courses led by blockchain industry celebrities & mdash& mdash; "Blockchain technology principles and development practice" has been officially included in the undergraduate courses of Shaanxi universities. The first batch of courses will start on March 31 at Xidian. It was jointly taught by many experienced industry senior figures such as Mr. Li Jin of XD, Xu Xiaolong, chief engineer of quantum chain, Chen Chang, CTO of Zhigui technology, Yang ruosung, executive vice president of Shaanxi blockchain industry alliance, and Wang Xin, CTO of Xiaomiao technology, chief teaching assistant.
        It is understood that the course "blockchain technology principles and development practice" will focus on the concept of "theory + practice". Gradually deepen the course from the aspects of blockchain principle, development foundation, application and innovation. Li Jin, the lecturer, revealed that the "hacker marathon" will be held irregularly during the course, and students will be arranged to compete for the development of real projects. At the end of the course, students will be awarded certificates recognized by many well-known blockchain enterprises, and internships and employment will be preferentially recommended. In addition, excellent projects developed by students also have the opportunity to obtain investment for incubation. Provide space for the talent reserve of the blockchain industry in many aspects. As an educational front, colleges and universities play a vital role in popularizing blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge and reserving professionals.
        The blockchain course offered by XD will continue to output more talents for the industry through professional and systematic education and training, and promote the overall process of the development of the blockchain industry. Working principle, development history and technical characteristics of digital currency and blockchain, including distributed system, cryptology foundation, consensus, smart contract and execution environment, and panorama of digital currency industry. Including: technical challenges and solutions, alliance chain application development based on hyperledger and inkstone, token economics, value Internet, social impact, government policies, and discussions on the future. Founder of lightning incubator, partner of node blockchain accelerator, partner of Shangshi capital investment, Deputy Secretary General of Shaanxi innovation and entrepreneurship alliance, and teacher of Software School of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology.
        With many years of entrepreneurial background in the IT industry, he has been selected to represent Chinese youth in the winter and summer "Davos Forum" for five times. In the past four years, three Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises have been successfully incubated from zero. Focus on innovative technologies and applications in intelligent hardware, Internet of things, mobile Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other fields. He is now the chief development engineer of qtum (China) and graduated from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master's degree. He once worked for Microsoft and later joined Tencent Tianmei studio. He has rich experience in software development. CTO of Zhigui technology, master of Tsinghua University, former senior researcher of IBM, technical direction includes cloud computing, blockchain, machine learning, etc.
        The earliest researcher and promoter of blockchain technology, the core developer of hyperledger open source project, has rich experience in blockchain underlying R & D and application practice, has been responsible for the architecture design and implementation of industrial blockchain solutions, and has led the development of several blockchain service platforms. He co authored the book blockchain principle, design and application. Founder of Shaanxi blockchain industry alliance, Shaanxi Youth Entrepreneurship tutor, CTO of Shenzhen road Financial Institute Co., Ltd., founder and senior engineer of jobchain. Graduated from Indiana University, majoring in information system.
        He initiated and created the first blockchain campus organization in Central America. In 2016, he participated in the construction and management of one of the largest mines in North America. He is a supporter and propagator of decentralized and large block communities. In addition, Wang Xin (CTO of Xiaomiao Technology), Wang Jianchun (blockchain entrepreneur, Xidian alumni), Wang Yu (blockchain veteran, Xidian alumni of level 95) and other senior blockchain personnel will also attend the lecture. This course adopts the teaching method of "theory + practice". It introduces the principles and intersperses various practical exercises to create your own blockchain products. The course will hold a "hacker marathon" competition from time to time, and quickly form teams with the students present to solve problems, put ideas into practice, and rich awards await you.
        Listen to the teacher's explanation of actual cases, and tell the real market and industry application of blockchain. At the same time, it will also analyze various hot issues such as the interests and games behind the mine and bifurcation. Follow the wechat official account "node blockchain accelerator", reply to "registration", fill in the information and submit. To learn more or join the online course community, please add the group leader's wechat "nodeblockchain". Students attending the course on the opening day will have the opportunity to receive a small gift or a book entitled "blockchain principles, design and application" jointly written by Zhigui CTO Chen Chang. Return to Sohu to see more.
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