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LinkedIn Ouyi OKx: 2022 global blockchain talent report, web, 30 directions (with download)

Time : 25/05/2022 Author : a9rl6i Click : + -
        Report Download: add the 199it wechat official account [i199it], and reply to the keyword [2022 global blockchain talent report]. With the in-depth development of the digital economy, Web3.0 innovation with the blockchain as the underlying infrastructure continues to be active, and the blockchain technology and encryption ecology are ushering in a continuous explosion. The blockchain will also be deeply integrated with various fields in the world as the digital economic revolution and the new generation of information infrastructure, and bring "acceleration" to the restructuring of the global economic structure and the change of the global competition pattern. Under this background, new changes, opportunities and challenges will occur in the aspects of industry subversion, organizational change, market environment, enterprise ecology and talent flow.
        Given that Web3.0 is becoming a hot employment direction pursued by global talents and is still at an early stage, innovation and talents are mainly concentrated in infrastructure & mdash& mdash; In the blockchain industry, in order to help enterprises further grasp the opportunities brought by the blockchain to the development of organizations, deeply understand the blockchain industry and the organizations and talents in it, especially the current situation and change trend of the talents in the direction of Web3.0, and to lay out in advance and take the lead, LinkedIn and Ouyi OKx jointly studied and wrote the 2022 global blockchain talents report in the direction of Web3.0, with data samples covering 180 countries, It has conducted in-depth sorting, analysis and insight into the current situation and trend of talents in the global blockchain industry, and provided forward-looking insights and practical suggestions for enterprises and talents in the global blockchain field.
        By June 2022, the total number of talents in the blockchain field among the global members of LinkedIn had increased by 76% year-on-year. The United States, India, China, the United Kingdom and Singapore were the top 5 blockchain talent countries in the world. Among them, India and Singapore had higher growth rates of 122% and 92% respectively, and the United States had 62%. China was the lowest, and the total number of blockchain talents had increased by 12% year-on-year. From the perspective of job release, talent demand is mainly concentrated in the United States, China, France, India, Germany and other places. It is worth noting that among the top ten blockchain talents, the number of blockchain jobs released in the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and other countries increased exponentially in 2021, and the demand for talents is extremely strong.
        From the perspective of talent composition in the global blockchain field, financial talents account for the highest proportion in the field (19%), followed by R & D talents (16%). At the same time, the growth rate of test engineer talents is the highest, and the gap of technical talents is the largest. Financial, R & D, business development, information technology and sales functional talents are the top five talent types in the global blockchain, and the most popular sub occupations are cryptocurrency traders, software engineers, analysts, support analysts and account managers. In terms of talent growth, the top 5 positions with the fastest growth in the number of global blockchain talents are test engineers, CryptoLogic technology experts, compliance analysts, designers and support analysts.
        These fastest-growing positions reflect that with the progress of blockchain technology research and the penetration, integration and development in various industries and fields, the blockchain industry is transitioning from a strong financial attribute to a strong technical attribute, and will give full play to both the technical and financial attributes of the blockchain and gradually develop into an important part of the digital economy. At the same time, the data shows that there is a high demand and a large gap for technical talents in the global blockchain field. As of June 2022, the release of R & D talents ranks first in the global blockchain talent demand, followed by information technology talents, followed by product management, marketing and human resources talents.
        However, the number of financial talents currently ranking first in the blockchain talents only ranks sixth from the perspective of recruitment demand. The average tenure of global blockchain talents is 1.2 years. The average tenure of the top five talent types of the blockchain is also different. Among them, the average tenure of financial talents is 1.3 years, the average tenure of R & D talents is 1.1 years, the average tenure of business development talents is 1.1 years, and the average tenure of sales talents is 1.9 years. In addition, the average tenure of product talents and marketing talents ranked among the top five talents in the global blockchain field is 1.1 years. The specific flow characteristics are as follows: in addition to the influx of talents from financial companies and technology companies into the blockchain industry, the talent flow channels in the blockchain field are mainly intra industry and peer enterprise flows.
        Typical examples of external inflow of the industry include the influx of traditional financial companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and HSBS, and the influx of technology companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. As for intra industry mobility, LinkedIn's big data insight shows that since 2021, talents have mainly cross flowed among blockchain enterprises such as coinbase, gemeni and ripple. LinkedIn's big data insight shows that as of June 2022, the proportion of female practitioners in the global blockchain industry is far lower than that of male practitioners, accounting for 24% and 76% respectively. Compared with the Internet, finance and other industries, the proportion of female practitioners in the blockchain field is relatively low. Even though the blockchain industry and enterprises are actively promoting the recruitment of excellent female talents, on the whole, female talents in the blockchain field are scarce.
        The bachelor's degree group in the global blockchain field is the largest, accounting for 59%, but the master's degree in the global blockchain field accounts for 40%. The overall education level is relatively high, and the more professional the post, the higher the education requirements. With the overall innovation and development of the blockchain industry and the continuous opening of blockchain related disciplines or courses by some universities around the world to train professionals, the education requirements of talents will be further improved, and the competition for talents will become more intense. The development of global blockchain has entered the fast track, with great development potential and opportunities. At the same time, the blockchain field is also facing challenges at various levels such as organizational development and talents. In this regard, enterprises should actively insight and timely adjust the talent strategy:.
        The contradiction between the increase of talent stock and the demand for talent is increasing, and it is inevitable that the demand for talent will continue to surge. Enterprises should actively build a global talent pool and do a good job in talent reserves. With the innovative development of blockchain technology and the boost of the wave of meta universe, the breadth and depth of the application, penetration and integration of blockchain in various fields will be further strengthened. Governments and regulatory agencies of various countries are also increasing their encouragement and support for blockchain technology and its R & D and application. More and more enterprises will further invest in more attempts. It is inevitable that the demand for talents will continue to surge, This will intensify the fierce competition in the blockchain talent market where the original talent stock and increment are insufficient.
        Therefore, in order to avoid organizational capacity hindering the development of organizational business, enterprises should broaden their horizons, actively pay attention to the changes in the talent market, build a talent pool in the world and do a good job in reserve. Blockchain has been proved to be the key technology to solve complex problems, and the prospect is very broad. The investment of enterprises in blockchain technology will also directly translate into the demand for blockchain talents and skills. More and more research and data can verify that the demand of enterprises for blockchain professionals, especially technical talents, is growing. In view of the declining growth rate of talents in the global blockchain industry and the priority of stock increment, the organization should fully target the target talents and build a mixed talent team to stimulate vitality. At the same time, it should adapt measures to local conditions, strengthen the skills training and potential tapping of existing core talents in combination with the actual situation, and make up for the talent skills gap and talent gap.
        As a booming frontier industry, affected by the characteristics of the whole blockchain industry, the application of technology innovation and policies, the blockchain field shows the characteristics of relatively short term of talents and frequent talent flow. However, under the situation where the industry boundary is fuzzy and the mixed office mode is gradually becoming the normal, the competition of employers for high-quality talents will be more intense, and frequent talent flow is inevitable. The enterprise should actively refresh its vision and values, create a good working environment, and strengthen the perceptual and rational identification of employees, so as to fully stimulate employees' sense of mission, improve employees' happiness, promote talent attraction and retention, and help the healthy development of the enterprise. For example, the core employment decision-making standard of Ouyi OKx is to have ideas, executive power and mission driven.
        On the one hand, in view of the early stage of the industry, only those who are truly curious and optimistic about the industry and are willing to deeply understand the industry can drive themselves to go further; On the other hand, the blockchain industry is very close to money, full of temptations and challenges. In this environment, people with integrity and ideal wired talents are highly valued. In addition, as the blockchain technology and its new financial technology system are gradually recognized and accepted by people, more and more colleges and universities around the world have successively opened blockchain related disciplines or courses to train professionals. The more professional posts, the higher the academic requirements. In the future, with the increase of professionals and the further development of blockchain technology and application, the market competition will become more and more fierce, As an important indicator for enterprises to screen talents, the threshold will be higher and higher.
        In combination with the current situation of short tenure and high mobility of talents in the blockchain field, the organization should keep up with the pace of the times, grasp the changes and trends of industry and market development, redefine the talent team, update the talent standards in a timely manner, lay a good talent foundation for the layout of the future, and continuously build core competitiveness to cope with uncertainties, from the hard education and skill standards to the soft character and quality. As the "No. 1 player", enterprises can only win the competition for talents and realize leapfrog development by understanding the present, looking forward to the future, understanding the industry trend in time, grasping the talent trend, being dynamic and agile, and building a global talent supply chain facing the future. Report Download: add the 199it wechat official account [i199it], and reply to the keyword [2022 global blockchain talent report].
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