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Speed up tax collection and efficiency, resume production and start "accelerated mode"

Time : 17/06/2022 Author : klo12c Click : + -
        "Although the distance is far, the service is not reduced." After the outbreak of COVID-19, local tax authorities have continuously innovated the "non-contact" tax payment mode, and launched a number of warm and powerful new measures to facilitate the people by using new technologies such as blockchain, cloud tax pass platform and big data analysis, to accurately help enterprises resume work and production. The Taxation Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region under the State Administration of Taxation has applied the "blockchain" technology to realize the electronic filing of foreign payment tax for service trade and other projects, to open up the business chain, and to turn the "enterprise & Tax & mdash; bank" and "three corner line" that need to be completed to complete the large amount of foreign exchange payment into a "straight line", so as to realize the whole process of online operation and paperless operation, and bring a new experience of online operation without leaving home for enterprises, Open "accelerated mode" for enterprises to resume work and production.
        The State Administration of Taxation and the Shandong Provincial Taxation Bureau actively expanded the "non-contact" tax service, defined and refined 24 work measures in four categories, and comprehensively implemented the online processing of 185 tax payment matters. The proportion of online declaration in the province reached 99.86%. At the same time, we have continuously optimized and improved the "e-mail" function, mailed invoices to all applicants, and actively promoted the new tax mode of "online answer" for consultation and "online education" for policies, so as to ensure the tax related consultation and uninterrupted policy guidance during the epidemic prevention and control period, provide taxpayers and payers with tax handling convenience, and add strength to the "non-contact" tax handling service. During the epidemic period, the State Administration of Taxation and the Guizhou provincial taxation bureau implemented the "non-contact" tax requirements and took four measures to speed up the processing of export tax refund based on the "paperless declaration" tax refund: the requirements of "speeding up the normal processing time of export tax refund by 20%" were implemented and the upper limit of tax refund processing time was set; Actively promote the mechanism of "tolerance and handling"; Relax the restrictions on the handling of export tax rebates to ensure that all tax rebates should be refunded; Strengthen the business push between various posts, split the time limit required for business connection between provinces, cities and counties (districts), and incorporate it into the annual performance appraisal.
        According to statistics, from January to February, the average processing time of normal tax refund (Exemption) business in Guizhou Province was less than 6 days. The Xi'an Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation implemented the principle of "no meeting unless necessary", developed and launched the "cloud tax pass" visual processing platform. The tax personnel verified the identity of the taxpayer through direct video connection, screenshot the electronic files of the materials required for business processing, and archive the "electronic originals" reviewed and approved after the business is completed, so as to minimize the number of taxpayers and payers going to and from the tax service office. In addition, the tax bureaus of various districts and counties in Xi'an city have also adopted the online live broadcast method to carry out remote policy publicity and guidance. Online live training changes the original one-way teaching into two-way interaction, and realizes real-time communication between tax enterprises.
        The Changsha Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation has fully tapped the potential of tax big data. In view of the difficulties in purchasing epidemic prevention materials such as masks, disinfectants and alcohol in some enterprises returning to work, it has analyzed the information such as invoices issued and haircuts received by the production and sales enterprises of key materials for epidemic prevention and control in its jurisdiction, searched for suppliers of epidemic prevention materials, and provided timely supplier information to the enterprises returning to work, Effectively help enterprises solve problems such as shortage of raw materials and production difficulties, and provide tax support for enterprises to resume production and operation.
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