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Ma Yun: young people will succeed if they learn to use digital technology. Blockchain technology is becoming more and more important

Time : 14/06/2022 Author : vg1cx2 Click : + -
        Bullwhip news on November 10, according to the pear video news, recently, at Kharkov State University in Ukraine, Ma Yun mentioned the digital stage and blockchain technology, saying that in the future, blockchain technology will become more and more important in only fractional and non digital countries. Ma Yun said that in the past century, we divided countries into developed countries and developing countries. In the future, there will be only digital countries and non digital countries. Thanks to the development of IT technology and industrial revolution, some countries have become rich while many countries are still in the stage of poverty. In the digital stage, countries that seize digital opportunities will rise, while countries that miss them will decline. Young people will succeed if they learn to use digital technology, while those who do not master this technology will encounter difficulties. Therefore, digital technology is very important.
        Talking about blockchain technology, Ma Yun said that the technology is becoming more and more important and can solve privacy and security issues. In the future, blockchain technology may solve many problems. Our country has developed it for many years; I believe this technology is not to make you more money, but to protect your privacy and data security.
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