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Qubu should have been so long ago

Time : 20/11/2021 Author : bgwo08 Click : + -
        Among the many mobile phone software with the banner of "making money by walking", the app "qubu" can be said to have sprung up. At the beginning of this year, it once ranked the first place in the market of a mobile phone application platform in terms of the number of daily life downloads. To put it simply, users can exchange goods or even withdraw cash on the "fun step" with the number of steps, and the requirements are not high. As long as they walk enough 4000 steps every day, they can earn at least 200 yuan per month, and there is no ceiling. However, recently, the "qubu" was put on file for investigation by the Changsha Industrial and commercial department for its suspected illegal activities such as pyramid schemes, illegal fund-raising, and financial fraud. "Seeing him rise, seeing him feast guests, seeing his building collapse" & hellip& hellip; Under the pretext of "making money by walking", qubu has rapidly gathered tens of millions of users in a short period of one year. After all, it still shows its original shape.
        Low registration threshold (only 1 yuan), convenient participation (walking), and promise of huge returns are the key to the success of the "myth" of qubu. To a certain extent, it has indeed hit the "careful thinking" of "lying down can make money" in the hearts of many people. However, the mode of "pulling people into a partnership" is essentially the same as that of pyramid schemes. When the traditional MLM mode is cooling down, it is necessary to be vigilant that the MLM pattern itself is also evolving. For example, with the help of some new concepts such as "mining", "bitcoin" and "Ai", we can "wear clothes and hats" again. And this really tests the common sense and humanity of a society as a whole. But it can't be fake. It can't be fake.
        It's very gratifying that the scam was exposed, but the "fun step" scam should have been exposed long ago. In fact, as early as the beginning of this year, we media directly pointed out that qubu was a scam in the cloak of blockchain; Since the first half of this year, qubu has also been reported by consumers for many times. According to the consumer complaint index data of some media, the problems related to qubu reflected by consumers mainly focus on such issues as "arbitrarily freezing funds", "suspected financial fraud" and "suspected pyramid schemes". One detail is that since April 18 this year, on the official website of the Changsha Municipal People's government, there have been 8 letters of inquiry from citizens who have written to the mayor's mailbox regarding the suspected violations and pyramid schemes of qubu. This shows that the society has long wondered whether qubu is a pyramid scheme or a violation of regulations.
        In other words, if there were authoritative information to dispel such doubts earlier, the foam of qubu would not have blown so quickly. When citizens have to ask the mayor's mailbox specifically, it shows that the progress of the government's disclosure of relevant information has actually lagged behind the normal needs of the public's right to know. When popularizing relevant common sense, professionals said that the problems of an app can be roughly judged, such as whether there is a certain threshold fee when registering, whether it is profitable by attracting people, and so on. For ordinary users, this is of course necessary common sense. But from another perspective, is there any problem with the aboveboard "listed" app? Should the regulatory department, as a professional gatekeeper, make an authoritative judgment in a timely manner? If it takes time for investigation and characterization, it is always possible to make timely risk reminders based on common sense.
        When we talk about the modernization of governance capacity, one important point is the specialization of market supervision. Nowadays, market innovation is emerging in endlessly, and business models are rapidly iterating, which indeed poses more challenges to normal market regulation. At this stage, we will neither stifle the vitality of innovation because of "conservatism" nor provide soil for fraud because of "Inaction", which undoubtedly tests the professionalism and balance of supervision. Take "making money by walking" as an example. According to previous media statistics, after qubu, there have been many more projects imitating the qubu model, such as qusleep, quwalk, Yirun, flash step, smart crystal, and love punch card. They are similar to the qubu model. For example, qusleep claims that "sleeping is mining".
        When such a "no cost, no profit" model evolved into a wave, the regulatory authorities should have been more vigilant and issued necessary warnings for the society in time. In the face of all kinds of "temptations", it is necessary to appeal to consumers to shine their eyes. However, we also need to know that the generation of a society's normal judgment and discrimination is based on equal, transparent and high-quality information supply. This has been repeatedly verified in pyramid schemes such as the "Quan Jian Empire myth", and society should not continue to "pay the bill". We will further promote the military civilian integration strategy, strive to enhance the country's core competitiveness in emerging fields such as ocean, space, cyberspace, biology and new energy, and comprehensively build an integrated national strategic system and capacity.
        In the digital economy era, the improvement of digital literacy and skills of the whole people can build the most extensive, sustainable and powerful micro new driving force for the development of new advantages in China. The power industry is a basic industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and a key field of energy transformation. The structural transformation of the power industry is an extremely important aspect of green low-carbon development and the realization of the "double carbon" goal. The next five years will be crucial to promote the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises needs to be further sorted out. Enterprises are the new force to promote innovation and creation. We should give more prominence to the dominant position of enterprises.
        To improve the science and technology governance system, we should create a good environment for enterprises and universities around the positioning of the two basic subjects of the science and technology innovation system. Under the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, we should uphold equality and respect, reject arrogance and prejudice, advocate the spirit and concept of cooperation in which science and technology are borderless, barrier free and non discriminatory, jointly seek scientific answers and jointly promote the sustainable development of human society. Adhering to the path of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics is the correct choice for China to continuously improve the level of scientific and Technological Development and enhance its comprehensive national strength. As long as all the Chinese people stick to the green mountains and fully activate the potential of the Chinese people, China will certainly be able to "scale new heights" in innovation.
        The most important thing to strengthen the employment priority policy is to always adhere to the people-oriented development idea. The fiscal, monetary and other macroeconomic policies should give higher priority to the employment goal, and dynamically adjust the strength of macroeconomic policies according to the progress of the employment goal. Live e-commerce has broad market prospects and has become a force that can not be ignored in promoting China's economic and social development. Therefore, the current market urgently calls for more perfect system norms and positive guidance to create a good environment for the healthy development of live broadcast e-commerce. No matter how the scope is expanded, the core essence of national security discipline has not changed. It is a comprehensive and applied discipline based on politics.
        At present, while expanding the connotation of national security, special attention should be paid to clarifying where the border is. In order to ensure the effectiveness of principal-agent and meet the challenges of system and mechanism, we need to grasp the "nose" of mechanism design. Only by doing a good job in the design of power and responsibility division and closed-loop supervision can we solve the problem of "agent moral hazard" faced by principal-agent. In the process of strengthening the subjectivity, we need to realize more localization. However, localization does not mean the construction of closed and pure local knowledge, but reflects the universal content based on all human civilization achievements and facing the future in the form of nationality and localization. In the process of building a national unified market, we should not only maintain the unity of the national market, but also take into account the differences of local development. The key factor to balance the two is to strengthen the basic position of competition policy and administration according to law.
        At the current stage of development, the constraints on economic growth are mainly on the demand side, so "dividing the cake well" to maintain the stability and expansion of consumption is a necessary prerequisite for "making the cake bigger", that is, economic growth. It is difficult to "make the cake bigger" without "dividing the cake well". Correctly defining the relevant market of China HowNet will help all sectors of society, including China HowNet, scientific research institutions, university teachers and students, and even law enforcement agencies to reach more consensus, return to rationality on the basis of consensus, and finally find ways and methods to properly solve problems. The development is changing with each passing day. Some elderly groups are like a lone boat in the digital age. To actively promote the integration of elderly groups into the digital age and enjoy the digital dividend, we need to comprehensively consider the plight of the digital integration of elderly groups, explore the underlying impact mechanism, and find a bridging path.
        Socialist consultative democracy is a unique form of democracy in China. It has completely different characteristics and incomparable advantages from Western-style democracy. Major issues of economic and social development and practical issues involving the vital interests of the masses can be resolved through equal consultation. Digital enterprises are the infrastructure construction for the development of digital economy, so enterprises must actively embrace digitalization. In other words, digital transformation is no longer a "choice", but an inevitable choice for enterprises to adapt to the digital economy, seek survival and long-term development. How to effectively plan and explore the path is a key issue facing China's economy and society at present, and it is also an important issue discussed by the "two sessions". Hot topics such as "food", "social security" and "security" all highlight the people-centered development idea.
        On the new journey from "true poverty alleviation and support to true poverty" to "true poverty alleviation and no return to poverty", we need to reduce the vulnerability of poverty alleviation groups, enhance their development ability and constantly improve their living standards through innovative ideas, activating motivation and stabilizing income sources.
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