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Cedar holdings is building a "blockchain + supply chain finance" platform

Time : 19/10/2021 Author : 8rpbw7 Click : + -
        On December 11, the "resilience and reconstruction – financial methodology in global change" forum was held in Guangzhou. At the forum, Fan Gang, vice president of China Economic System Reform Research Association, said that it is necessary to ensure the position of Chinese enterprises in the world industrial chain and guard against decoupling. To achieve this, the stability of the commodity supply chain is indispensable. In the view of Han Gang, vice president of cedar holdings group and President of cedar bulk commodity supply chain group, China's bulk commodity supply chain is still very fragile, both in the upstream resource field and in the downstream international marketing network. "For these weak links, cedar bulk is working at both the upstream and downstream ends.
        ”Han Gang said. Lin Weilong, chairman of cedar International Trust, also said, "the rapid development of the supply chain in the future cannot be separated from the financial support of the supply chain.". The forum was hosted by the national brand engineering office of Xinhua news agency and cedar holding group, and organized by cedar international trust. It attracted nearly 700 guests from domestic supply chain finance research experts, well-known economists, executives of listed companies, institutional investors and heads of wealth management departments. Fan Gang said in his keynote speech that in view of the current market environment, we should seriously consider and actively develop our existing manufacturing industry, expand China's industrial chain, and ensure the sustainable development of Chinese industries and enterprises as an important part of the international industrial chain.
        To do this, artisan spirit is essential. "The craftsman spirit needs long-term investment and professional development to be implemented in the industry and products. Take the fine chemical industry as an example, there are now the largest number of Companies in Germany and Japan in these fields. The craftsman spirit displayed by them is worth learning from Chinese enterprises.". Fan Gang believes that from the perspective of enterprises, although fine chemical industry is not a tuyere, the corresponding risks are also small. If we adhere to the spirit of craftsman and make solid and sustained investment, we may grow into an invisible champion in the subdivided industry and achieve more stable and sustainable development. From the perspective of the country, this is even more true, and policies are needed to support and encourage the sustainable development of these industries.
        Fan Gang said, "I'm glad to see that there is a new chemical material industry under cedar holdings. There are still a lot of new chemical materials in China. In the past two years, the dependence on foreign imports is still increasing, and the risk of supply interruption and necking is very high." "Once developed countries join hands to cut off supply, it will have a great impact on the future development of China's economy." Fan Gang said. In view of the bottleneck problem of the new chemical material adiponitrile, in August this year, the Tianchen Qixiang 1 million tons / year nylon new material industrial base jointly constructed by Qixiang Tengda, a new chemical material core enterprise under cedar holdings, and China Tianchen was officially started. After completion, it is expected to become the first adiponitrile industrial production base in China, breaking the monopoly of foreign adiponitrile technology and filling the gap in domestic industry.
        Han Gang said that China has become a global manufacturing power, but the commodity supply chain is still very fragile and lacks the right to price commodities internationally. There is still much room for improvement in both the upstream resource field and the downstream marketing network. "In view of these weak links, cedar bulk is working at both ends of the upstream and downstream." Han Gang said. As for how to improve the supply chain of bulk commodities more effectively, this forum focuses on the blockchain. In the field of commercial applications, commodity supply chain and supply chain finance have the most natural affinity with blockchain technology. "The rapid development of supply chain industry in the future cannot be separated from greater supply chain financial support.
        ”Lin Weilong said that with the industrial accumulation and resource advantages of cedar holdings, cedar International Trust will strengthen the application of blockchain technology in the field of financial risk control, improve the level of asset circulation and management, and create greater value for the supply chain financial market. Han Gang said, "bulk commodities and blockchain are the best combination. The value of blockchain technology in & lsquo; building trust & rsquo; has solved the pain of & lsquo; eliminating the false and preserving the true & rsquo; in the bulk commodity trade industry. It can realize the credit penetration of core enterprises to multi-level suppliers in the supply chain financial system. It will ultimately solve the problems of financing difficulties and slow turnover of small and medium-sized enterprises, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of China's bulk commodity industry.".
        Han Gang revealed that cedar is currently building a "blockchain + commodity supply chain finance" platform. Make use of blockchain technology to strive to realize business data transparency, real-time data interaction, process automation and settlement closure. Cedar holdings is confident and capable of building a competitive supply chain financial platform in China, making new contributions to small, medium and micro enterprises and the commodity industry. LV Benfu, vice chairman of the national innovation and Development Strategy Research Association and professor of the school of economics and management of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, combined with cedar block, said that blockchain has great application prospects in the field of Internet of things and logistics, which will bring new changes to the traditional supply chain Finance and provide new ideas for solving the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises.
        The forum also looks forward to the macro-economic situation in 2020. Lian Ping, chief economist of the Bank of communications, said that it is expected that China's economy will maintain a growth rate of about 6% in 2020. "In the face of downward pressure on the economy, stable growth remains the first priority." Lian Ping said, "in the short term, strengthening the regulation of countercyclical policies, further sorting out the marketization mechanism of loan interest rates, and implementing a proactive fiscal policy can inject new vitality into the market.".
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