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Chen Lei: blockchain technology reconstructs Xunlei's new business model

Time : 03/01/2022 Author : yvia21 Click : + -
        "Xunlei has been transforming. Since 2011, Xunlei has been doing app store, mobile search in 2013, shared computing in 2014, live broadcast in 2015, VR in 2016, and artificial intelligence in the first half of 2017, but it has never been successful. After I became the CEO, I first thought about why xunlei's transformation in the past was not successful. A company should first respect its own advantages. Xunlei's advantages are that it is a P2P technology company by nature, and it uses it The user's computing resources are utilized to serve other users. Therefore, the core of Xunlei's future transformation is to inherit the advantages of P2P technology and do a good job in decentralized Cloud Computing & mdash& mdash; Shared computing.
        ”Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei, said in an interview with reporters. Chen Lei said that Xunlei's approach is to collect idle computing resources, including bandwidth resources and storage resources, in the user's home by using a shared economic intelligent device (gamecloud), collect all these very scattered and idle computing resources, and then turn them into a cloud computing platform like Amazon and Alibaba cloud for enterprises to use. This platform is highly distributed and decentralized in design. It solves two problems at the same time:. First, by means of sharing economy, a large number of computing resources are collected at a very low marginal cost, which greatly reduces the social computing cost.
        This is the most feasible and effective method to solve the dilemma of explosive growth of computing demand and high computing cost after the failure of Moore's law. Under the huge computing demand brought by new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, shared computing can greatly reduce the cost of computing and bandwidth transmission. While the cost structure of traditional cloud computing increases linearly with its scale, the cost structure and marginal cost of shared computing are very low. Once the problem of computing cost is completely solved, it is also of great significance to promote the rapid development of the national Internet industry. Second, shared computing has a very far-reaching significance for environmental protection and saving social resources, because it effectively uses idle bandwidth resources and electronic waste, and reduces the problems caused by the high pollution and high waste power facilities such as large data centers.
        In the environment of IDC and data center, the power consumption of the x86 server used is about 200w-300w. In addition, the air conditioner and other high-power supporting facilities are actually very polluting and wasteful. The power consumption of each game cloud launched by Xunlei is only 3-5 watts, which can save power and protect the environment. As of December this year, this innovative mode of shared computing has saved 1.5 billion yuan of bandwidth resources for the whole society, equivalent to saving 60 million kwh of electricity, reducing 50250 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and successfully finding a green development path for cloud computing. In this decentralized shared computing mode, how to ensure that users participating in sharing and enterprises using shared resources have equal status? Similarly, the blockchain based on decentralized technology will play a very critical role.
        Its open, transparent and tamper proof technical advantages can effectively ensure the healthy operation of the shared computing ecosystem. "Blockchain has two application scenarios in the whole system of Xunlei, one is shared computing and the other is the traditional download business of Xunlei." Chen Lei said. "A company's strategy must make your upstream and downstream want you to be successful and recognize your success and your value. Xunlei's business model in the past was to shut out the interests of copyright owners and let users pay for speed. This choice makes Xunlei's upstream content providers and downstream users have opinions on Xunlei." Chen Lei said that Xunlei is based on the introduction of blockchain technology to create a new ecology that can win both upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.
        For example, in terms of copyright protection, Xunlei has developed three kinds of copyright protection technologies, including video fingerprint, traceless watermark and DRM. In addition, blockchain technology will be able to establish a more effective copyright protection mechanism to help distribute legitimate content and further curb piracy. Blockchain technology is an important technical means for Xunlei to rebuild its download business model. Because the blockchain is an open and transparent system, it is easy to trace the infringement of copyright holders, and it is relatively easy to take legal measures. Secondly, there is a smart contract mechanism on the blockchain. Once the copyright owner confirms who owns the copyright, when the pirated party distributes his pirated content through the blockchain, all the benefits he obtains can be transferred to the copyright owner, and he has no incentive to pirate.
        "When the blockchain becomes a technical mechanism for the release and distribution of all Internet content, all Internet resources will be openly and transparently displayed in front of everyone. At this time, it will be easier to protect and supervise copyright. This direction is also a familiar field of Xunlei. The innovation we are doing now can not be separated from the blockchain." Chen Lei said that although blockchain has been recognized as a technology that will change society like the Internet, it is still a tool used between enterprises. If blockchain technology wants to have a leap forward development, it needs to be driven by massive user demands. Today, Xunlei is relatively leading in blockchain technology because it has a very large number of blockchain users in the application scenario of shared computing.
        Chen Lei said that for enterprises that seriously do blockchain technology innovation, it is essential to ensure the safety of users. For example, some blockchain virtual currencies use bifurcation as a means of speculation to make profits. This behavior is resolutely opposed by Xunlei. We will take the means of centralized control to oppose all speculation using the blockchain. Xunlei has made innovations in the blockchain. While maintaining the fairness, trustworthiness and non tamperability of the blockchain, it has added security measures against speculation and speculation. At present, after the implementation of the real name system, many exchanges have taken the link offline. In the future, Xunlei will continue to protect the interests of ordinary users through technical means and cooperation with government agencies.
        From these measures, Xunlei is firmly following the path of blockchain technology innovation and will continue to do so. "Our vision is to be the leader of global decentralized computing technology, including blockchain and shared computing." Chen Lei said that for 2018, Xunlei mainly did three things: first, shared computing continued to develop and grow; Second, the combination of download and copyright chain for transformation; Third, expand overseas markets.
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