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Yang Jun: compound talents such as blockchain and metauniverse are becoming the key driving force for enterprise transformation

Time : 24/07/2022 Author : 1kz6lm Click : + -
        On December 14, the 2021 China Tencent Education Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Huoda education won the honorary title of "2021 influential education brand" with its outstanding performance in the blockchain education field. The next day, Huoda education won another honor, and won the "2021 public credibility education brand" award at the 2021 annual education summit of CNR. The year 2021 is a stormy year of education reform. Under the multiple challenges of strict policy control, repeated epidemics, and capital wait-and-see, the education industry has ushered in a new round of reshuffle and formed a new pattern of education development. Yang Jun, vice president of Huoda education, was invited to attend the two summits and receive an exclusive interview with the media. He introduced the development of Huoda education and shared his insights and Thoughts on the blockchain education field.
        At present, China is in the transformation stage of economic development, and industrial transformation has also brought new opportunities for enterprises and individuals. Yang Jun said that new formats such as short videos, online education and new retailing have been rapidly popularized all over the world. People have become accustomed to online office, learning, shopping and entertainment. It is urgent to find a better digital space to carry the digital lifestyle. Yuanyuzhou is the best solution to this problem. More and more friends from traditional industries have also seen the great value and historic opportunities of blockchain and metauniverse. As a professional education institution focusing on the application of blockchain and the development of digital economy, Huoda education focuses on the training of professionals in the fields of blockchain, digital economy and metauniverse, and focuses on the teaching and research of new distributed business model, new application of blockchain technology, new digital financial system, NFT and metauniverse. Currently, it has opened the global blockchain leader course (GBLP), special training camp for blockchain outstanding talents Leading edge courses of famous teachers and other courses.
        When talking about the changes and progress of Huoda education, Yang Jun said that "in the current period of reform opportunities, compound talents such as blockchain and metauniverse are becoming the key driving force to promote industrial innovation and enterprise transformation." Yang Jun stressed that for educational institutions, on the one hand, they need to reserve strong, experienced and diversified professional teachers, and on the other hand, they need to combine hot spots, constantly iterate and update from multiple dimensions of "production, learning and research", and develop an integrated curriculum system, so as to meet the needs of students for various kinds of knowledge and deliver high-quality composite talents to enterprises.
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