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Ot global blockchain application Summit

Time : 14/11/2021 Author : 6mr14i Click : + -
        On August 10, the OT global blockchain application summit Dongguan station was successfully held in Dongguan Convention and Exhibition International Hotel, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Wen Jing, partner of lightening community, Chen Bowen, President of Wanyuan chain business school, Zhu Youping, deputy director of China economic network management center of national information center and blockchain economist, quark. "Wanyuan chain, linking new opportunities." Wanyuan chain is committed to the development of blockchain technology and comprehensive application services, focusing on the dimensions of "trust, value, technology and scenario", and striving to achieve the perfect combination of the blockchain world and the real world. As the pioneer of blockchain technology, Wanyuan chain has a far-reaching influence in the world. The theme of this summit is "go hand in hand, build a dream and sail far", and is committed to building a global blockchain strategic alliance; Expand the influence of Wanyuan chain community in Guangdong; Promote Wanyuan chain 4.0 blockchain application technology and business model.
        Mr. ctoney, CEO of Wanyuan chain, led the team to lay out the blockchain in 2013, deeply cultivate the public chain field, and vowed to use the technology of the public chain to benefit enterprises and society.
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