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Blockchain Market,Don't speculate on blockchain, bet on the strongest segment

Time : 10/01/2022 Author : h8npb6 Click : + -
        Related concepts: more than 100 shares were auctioned, and the price limit was increased, and the amount of sealed orders of new, new lake Zhongbao and easy to see shares of exceeded 4 billion yuan. Not only the A shares, but also the shares of Xunlei, a US stock, doubled in the evening after the news came out last Friday. Today, the Hong Kong stock market, such as Tongcheng holdings, also opened significantly higher. Of course, many of them took advantage of the hot spots. Over the weekend, mogo found that many companies, such as Aikang technology and Haoyun technology, were rushing to reply to users on the interactive platform. Some companies, such as Jihong stock, directly announced that the company had built the blockchain concept, and the feedback from the market was "open high and go low". With regard to today's market, almost all the things that we waited for last week were disappointed, especially the blockchain market.
        After the collective trading of concept stocks brought by such sudden news, is there any chance for those who do not get on the train? Judging from the original concept of xiong'an, there is a wave of opportunities to get on the train, but we should take advantage of it. The most important thing is to select stocks. Today's 100 stocks have risen by the limit, but it is impossible for so many to continue. In the end, only some strong stocks will go higher and higher. Leaders of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee collectively learned the development and trend of blockchain technology, formally established the status of blockchain technology, and became a part of the national core technology like chips. There are also reasons why leaders attach so much importance to blockchain. Blockchain technology has many advantages due to its technical characteristics, and can be used to solve some current difficulties such as the difficulty of loan financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, the difficulty of bank risk control, and the difficulty of department supervision.
        Blockchain technology can also upgrade the current Internet, but the technology has yet to be developed. The country can firmly support the development of new revolutionary technology, which shows our confidence in overtaking in curve. Not only our country, but also many countries around the world are vigorously developing blockchain. The European Central Bank and others have long been obsessed with blockchain technology. In addition, there is another important reason, digital currency. There are many bitcoin players around brother Mo, but this is not what I want to talk about today. Today, Huang Qifan said at the first Bund financial summit that he believes that the digital currency of the people's Bank of China has become mature after five or six years of research, and may become the first central bank to launch digital currency in the world.
        The digital currency launched by the central bank is first converted to commercial banks or institutions, and then converted to the public. The significance of this is not the digitization of the existing currency, but the M0 substitution, which is conducive to the circulation and internationalization of the RMB and provides a strong reference for money supply and monetary policy formulation. As for all kinds of coins, mogo believes that once the central bank takes the lead, other private issued coins will basically end, and the issuing currency can only be the central bank. Returning to the concept of blockchain, it is not Xunlei that will really benefit in the future, but companies that do blockchain applications. In addition, companies that build blockchain infrastructure are bound to be large companies with such strength.
        Most people in the industry believe that blockchain will be first applied to financial scenarios. Leaders also said: we should promote the deep integration of blockchain and real economy. Using blockchain to reduce the financing cost of the real economy is an important direction.
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