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The second uncle's coin is on fire. The third uncle also wants to try it

Time : 31/05/2022 Author : q0gkpc Click : + -
        On July 28, 2022, the twitter account @ seconduncledao announced that a group of caring people aimed at helping the second uncle launched seconduncledao (suc) to pass on love through the blockchain, and attached the contract address, indicating that they issued a virtual coin called second uncle coin. The proceeds of the project will be donated to the second uncle as pension security. Then, another tweet claiming that the author of the second uncle coin, rugpull, defrauded US $130W, was turned out by netizens, attracting a crowd of netizens on social media. (rugpull means that the issuer of the crypto project withdraws from the DEX liquidity pool, or suddenly abandons the project, taking away the investors' money.
        )。 AI blue media has noticed that after the explosion of second uncle coins, a series of currencies such as big uncle coins and third uncle coins have also appeared in the market. By the time of press release, AI blue media had paid attention to the three uncle coins, and had four likes. If you don't understand, do you mean to prepare a bucket for your second uncle's family and go straight to the peak of your life?. According to informed sources, the process of issuing similar coins is very simple, which is similar to loading the elephant into the refrigerator: open the refrigerator door, put the elephant in, and close the door. AI blue media learned from the above-mentioned people that from selecting DEX to filling in relevant information, to selecting blockchain and other operation steps, the network speed is fast enough. However, the issuance does not mean that it is recognized and can make money.
        How to make your virtual currency quickly form a consensus in the currency circle and raise the price is the difficulty. The label "second uncle" is undoubtedly a hot issue that attracts people's attention. According to the content published by @ secondencydao, the issuer of the second uncle coin, the suc trading pool was established on July 27, 2022, which was the time when the second uncle's discussion reached the peak. The total number of coins issued is 1 trillion. Compared with the associated 200 million coins (BNB), the number of coins issued is outrageous, and the maximum value of each second uncle coin is only US $0. In the follow-up, the author said that at present, the coins circulating in the pool account for less than 0.6% of the total, and his individual / team no longer holds any suc, while the remaining 99% of the coins have been deposited in the black hole address & mdash& mdash; Deposit an unknown wallet and destroy the secret key. This part of suc will be torn up and disappear, and only a small part can still circulate.
        Perhaps the author hoped to protect the disk in this way, but the destruction still failed to quell the doubts and recover the currency value & mdash& mdash; Suc has basically returned to the issue price, and the discussion enthusiasm and trading enthusiasm of netizens have also disappeared simultaneously. By the time of press release, the value of suc had dropped by 95.23%, and the current total market value was only US $1.5W. This is a hot place. There are thousands of people playing like this every year. A senior investor in the coin circle disclosed to AI blue media that the life cycle of this coin is generally very short. Many authors use hot spots to cut leeks, and the cost is very low. There are many similar hot spots, and there are many cases of issuing virtual coins: the big uncle coins hanging on Weibo today, the third uncle coins paid attention to by AI blue media, and the squid coins that once broke the circle through the squid game.
        In the second half of 2021, the online play "squid game" became popular all over the world, and a virtual currency named squid coin came into being. The currency value of this currency has increased 2300 times in a week, reaching a maximum of US $2861.8. However, on November 1, 2021, US Eastern time, squid coins fell from US $2861 to US $0.0007 in just a few minutes, a decrease of about 99.999976%. Then, the squid coin website and its publisher's social media account quickly disappeared. According to relevant media reports, the rump pull of squid coins caused investors to lose more than US $2.1 million.
        From this point of view, the second uncle's coin is rumpull this time, and it's a little bit like my uncle meets my uncle & mdash& mdash; The amount involved in the squid coin incident is quite large. In contrast, the second uncle coin seems to have died suddenly at the starting line: the news of the suc author rugpull is only one day away from the issue. After analyzing the contract source code and transaction history of suc in the blockchain, relevant people believe that on the technical level, the possibility of suc running away is very small. According to the Tianmu news report, the blockchain researcher 14 Jun traced the transaction records on the chain and found that only one core transaction worth 1.3bnb (about 2000 yuan) was taken away by the author.
        However, the author of the online transmission carried away US $1.3 million, and neither the amount nor the source of the information could be verified. Make hot spots into virtual coins (and then promote them symbolically). In case someone believes, the next coin circle myth is you. When you decide to leave, you can do it; If not, then & hellip& hellip; Change an uncle?. The extremely low threshold makes it seem that such acts of rubbing hot spots and issuing traffic coins have become a business that can make a profit without losing. The authors of traffic coins will not care about the chicken feathers after the chaos. Generally speaking, the first few buyers after the issuance of virtual currency can get dividends, because the issue price of the currency is usually not very high. When the so-called consensus is formed and the currency value rises, it is sold quickly, and the profit is still US dollars.
        Therefore, no matter whether it is the uncle, the second uncle or the third uncle, after the issuance of virtual coins, the operation of coin circle players is somewhat similar to that of the stock market & mdash& mdash; Channel, publicize and build consensus to raise the value, then buy low and sell high, and wait for retail investors to accept the offer. If virtual currency is regarded as a pure business, despite the relatively strong oldmoney in bitcoin and other virtual currencies, the current situation is far from being as idealistic and full of a sense of future as people expect & mdash& mdash; In this game of beating drums and passing flowers, there are always buyers who believe that they are not the last one, until there is no room for any uncle to rise, or the second uncle collapses.
        Behind the price collapse is the collapse of consensus & mdash& mdash; No one trusts my uncle anymore. This kind of coin issuance is more like crowdfunding, but there is hardly any credit guarantee. Pan Helin, a researcher of digital economy at Zhejiang University, said in an interview with relevant media that apart from the handling fees of the platform, there are almost no restrictions on the issuance rights of virtual currencies. After the second and third uncles enter the circulation market, the rest depends on whether you have no good stories, and whether you can turn the stories into consensus and realize the consensus. Decentralized blockchain ensures circulation, but cannot guarantee value. Even if the issuer runs away, it is difficult to pursue responsibility: the money in the hands of individual investors is still money, which can be used, but it is not worth money.
        The collapse of the second uncle's coin was undoubtedly a failure. But for the author, it is still an efficient marketing. After five days, five months and five years, we still don't know who is issuing the second uncle, and whether someone has got the peak gold. The news that the second uncle was minted into money has been wildly spread. No one cares about the donation for the elderly as mentioned in the first tweet of the second uncle's coin. Everyone hurriedly starts to care about the exposure, popularity, currency rights and the value of the pool. With more second uncle coins, the consensus may not be enough. The outside world has natural doubts about the ethereal coin circle. What blindly makes marketing money may be the mutual trust of the whole coin circle. Blockchain pioneers have a grand idea of creating a financial system belonging to users, but in the eyes of some authors of virtual bad currency, the center of decentralization is very clear & mdash& mdash; Change the traffic into dollars.
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