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China food and drug blockchain special committee was approved and established

Time : 12/07/2021 Author : w2fo5i Click : + -
        Beijing, April 24 (reporter Wu Jingyi) a sudden epidemic has made "biosafety" a hot line day. The "medical material chain" system management platform jointly released by China food and drug blockchain special committee and zhidu intelligent chain was officially launched. "China food and drug blockchain special committee" has entered the public's field of vision. Blockchain is a new strategic technology, which is currently mainly used in finance, public services, information security, Internet of things, supply chain and other fields. The biggest application scenario of blockchain technology is to establish trust relations, improve traceability efficiency and traceability. It plays a great role in promoting the supervision and management of the food and drug market.
        How to realize the integrated development of blockchain and food and drug industry? How to better apply the "blockchain" technology to ensure the safety of food and drugs in China? Insiders generally believe that the establishment of relevant associations The establishment of relevant industry standards is the "cornerstone". On January 19, with the approval of the China Association for the promotion of quality and safety of food and drug enterprises, the blockchain Professional Committee of the China Association for the promotion of quality and safety of food and drug enterprises was officially established (hereinafter referred to as the China food and drug blockchain professional committee, English Name: fdsablockchaincommittee) 。 Mr. Wu Yutang, partner of zhidu group and chairman of zhidu intelligent chain, served as the first president; R & F, Cheng Wei, Ning Jiahong, Shi Bingfeng, Liu Xingliang, Wen Kai, Yang Zhennai, Hu Jiye, Liu Xinliang, Li Zhisheng, Zhao Yunxia, Ren Xue served as the vice president; Cheng Yuanhui served as the Secretary General; Wang Pengfei served as the executive secretary general; Wang Haiying, Zhang Quan and Cheng Qin served as the Deputy Secretary General; and health and safety chain (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was the Secretary-General unit.
        The establishment of the special committee was supported by the chairman unit Beijing zhidu zhichain Technology Co., Ltd., the vice chairman unit Dalian Fusheng natural drug development Co., Ltd., the most beautiful weather (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., Hainan Muchuan Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing shanzhimei Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd. The China food and drug blockchain special committee will successively publish the internal reference of the Chinese food and drug blockchain and the blue book on the application of the Chinese food and drug blockchain, and carry out a series of work such as the innovative application pilot of the Chinese food and drug blockchain, the formulation of the relevant standards of the Chinese food and drug blockchain, the basic popularization of the Chinese blockchain and the technical application training. It is reported that there has been no blockchain association that integrates with the people's livelihood entity industry.
        The establishment of the China food and drug blockchain special committee marks the beginning of the establishment of blockchain, a new strategic technology, in the real industry. It will help promote and promote the development of blockchain technology from the fields of digital finance, electronic currency, and digital asset trading to the real industry of food, medicine, cosmetics and other people's livelihood fields.
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