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Wu Haijun: xiong'an new area will quickly build a blockchain to turn data into valuable assets

Time : 30/07/2022 Author : rocm8h Click : + -
        Yesterday, at the xiong'an Development Forum of Zhejiang University, Wu Haijun, deputy director of the Management Committee of xiong'an new area, said that xiong'an new area would quickly build a blockchain to turn data into valuable assets. He pointed out that in order to achieve the goal of using data as the basic element to promote economic growth, xiong'an new area designed a large-scale promotion, and quickly built a blockchain to realize the integration of data from the bottom and make data become valuable assets. On this basis, the mode and mode of economic growth are changing. Yang Xiaohu, deputy director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, believes that blockchain technology is one of the most subversive and revolutionary it emerging technologies in recent years. He proposed that blockchain may develop into one of the most important information network infrastructures in the future. Building a value transmission network based on blockchain technology will profoundly change the future information society.
        As an emerging technology, blockchain will gradually find application scenarios that can serve the real economy on a large scale, achieve intelligent and efficient government governance, and generate great social value, such as the global payment and settlement system, the self-sovereign global digital identity authentication system, etc. it has broad application prospects and imagination space in the construction of xiong'an New District into a new generation of intelligent city.
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