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This college graduate "digs" and weaves a 50 million yuan virtual currency pyramid scheme

Time : 17/06/2022 Author : ka7cp4 Click : + -
        In recent years, the violent price fluctuation of virtual currency has attracted widespread attention. The legend of overnight wealth has caused many people to rent and buy equipment and join the "mining industry". However, some people, under the pretext of selling computing power (the ability of mining equipment to dig up virtual coins), lure the victims to invest, develop offline, build pyramid marketing networks, and obtain illegal profits with the bait of "high returns and recommended rebates". In 2018, Wang Shengguo, a university graduate who lives in Suzhou, turned his attention to virtual currency because of the depression of the industrial company that started and operated. In June of the same year, Wang Shengguo met several people at the blockchain forum. They were very optimistic about the development prospects of virtual currency, so they hit it off immediately. Wang Shengguo, as a corporate legal person, jointly established a Miyun technology company (alias).
        After the establishment of the company, its business mainly focused on "mining machinery". The so-called "mining machine" refers to a computer with large capacity hard disk and high-performance graphics card used to "dig" virtual currency. Through the sale of "mining machines", the company further collects the profits from the sale of machines and the operation and maintenance expenses of machines entrusted by customers. Du Ziming (not his real name) in Shanghai is a developer of a new type of virtual currency, P coin, and especially needs partners with great computing power to promote P coin. In early 2019, Du Ziming led his project team to cooperate with Miyun. Since then, Miyun company has basically stopped its external sales business. On the one hand, it provides Du Ziming's team with the leasing service of "Suanli", which allows them to resell the "dig" P coins of Suanli to the public for the second time, and on the other hand, it assists in providing mining machine display, publicity venues, equipment maintenance and other work.
        After a period of business contact, Wang Shengguo found that the price of Suanli increased five times after Du Ziming transferred it to the after-sales service. Why not sell computing power directly? Wang Shengguo began to think about more "business" contents. After discussion with other shareholders, in July 2019, Wang Shengguo formally put forward the business model of selling computing power to the outside world at the company meeting: after registering the app account, users need to transfer money to Wang Shengguo's account through other platforms to obtain the "mining" computing power of P coins (for example, if you make a payment of 2000 yuan, you can obtain 1t computing power in the app and pledge 300 P coins), and at the same time promise that users can obtain static and Dynamic Income & mdash& mdash; Static income, i.e. 1.1% of the fixed income rate per day is returned to the personal Miyun account in the form of P currency, and the principal can be returned for up to 3 months; Dynamic income is divided into recommendation award, management award and peer award. It is divided into 3-6 rebate rates from high to low based on the number of direct development users, the total investment amount of development users and the total investment amount of peer users, so as to encourage the members to continuously develop new users.
        Although some people in the company once suggested that this promotion method was suspected of pyramid selling, Wang Shengguo continued to "sell computing power" business on the grounds that the company had no way out of debt and could take advantage of the imperfect legislation of virtual currency. In this way, the business scale of Miyun has become larger and larger through offline community publicity and friends circle publicity. In addition to Suzhou, the team led by Wang Shengguo has also continued to build Hangzhou community and Inner Mongolia community. At this time, due to technical problems, the background program of Du Ziming's team has not been written, and the P coin has not been launched. In fact, Miyun technology has never actually "mined", but the participants are full of expectations. In March 2020, Suzhou police received a report from the public that Miyun technology company raised funds from unspecified objects.
        According to the investigation, since July 2019, Miyun technology company has started to use the name of selling "mining machine" computing power, relying on the Miyun app, requiring participants to obtain the membership qualification by registering an account number and paying fees, and forming a hierarchy in order. Directly or indirectly, the number of members and the number of purchasing computing power are used as the basis for rebate calculation, so as to lure participants to continue to develop other people's participation, defraud money and disrupt the economic and social order. According to statistics, there are at least 5 levels of registered members in the Miyun app, with far more than 50 participants, more than 4500 registered accounts, and 19 levels of cash. A total of more than 55 million yuan (converted according to p currency) has been absorbed in pyramid sales. The relevant management personnel have constituted the crime of organizing and leading pyramid sales activities.
        On September 15 this year, the court ruled that Wang Shengguo and other six people constituted the crime of organizing and leading pyramid marketing activities, sentenced them to fixed-term imprisonment of five years and three months to one year and four months, and fined them a certain amount of money, and recovered all their illegal income. In view of the large number of people and large amount involved in this case, and it is the first money network pyramid scheme case in Suzhou Industrial Park, the people's Procuratorate of Suzhou Industrial Park actively guides the public security investigation and gives suggestions on electronic evidence collection and data analysis. On the other hand, it introduces professional institutions to organize the appraisal of the company's virtual currency value and the number of member accounts, so as to find out the company's business situation, identify the level and amount of crime, and clarify the charges of the case. Recently, the people's Bank of China and other departments issued the notice on further preventing and handling the risks of speculation in virtual currency transactions.
        The notice clearly states that virtual currency does not have the same legal status as legal tender, and virtual currency related business activities are illegal financial activities. The case handling prosecutor of the people's Procuratorate of Suzhou Industrial Park reminded that investors should be vigilant against all kinds of illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling and fraud in the name of virtual currency, not blindly believe in the promise of high yield, and establish a correct concept of money and finance.
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