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How can blockchain make money? How do blockchain individuals invest? Introduction to the prospect of blockchain

Time : 12/08/2021 Author : ps6zjy Click : + -
        At present, the state attaches great importance to the technology of blockchain. The central bank has issued an electronic bill system based on blockchain, and Guiyang has also issued its own white paper on the development and application of blockchain. All major institutions are recruiting blockchain talents. If you know some new technologies, you will always have a bowl of rice. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto first proposed the concept of blockchain. In the following years, it became the core component of electronic currency bitcoin: as a public account book for all transactions. By using the point-to-point network and the distributed timestamp server, the blockchain database can be managed independently. Yes, it's so simple. The blockchain is a process of keeping accounts and checking accounts, and then saving the correct accounts.
        Originally, I thought this would be over. In fact, I later found that blockchain is not so simple and can be applied in many places. So a foreigner named vitalikbuterin told the world that you can build your own blockchain application here, and Ethereum is a server that cannot be shut down. This is blockchain 2.0. The applications developed on servers that cannot be closed are blockchain 3.0, such as blockchain games, blockchain finance, blockchain voting, and blockchain Storage & hellip; There are really many ways to make money. If you pay attention to me, you will be surprised. At present, there are mainly four ways to make money: issuing coins, digging coins, frying coins and cheating coins. If you are still young, you can of course learn to program and earn a salary. Now the salary for blockchain development is very good.
        Although we are still making money around the speculation of coins, in the near future, it is the use value of blockchain applications that will determine its value! Moreover, in the next five years, there will be more blockchain applications than the current market value of Alibaba and Tencent. Due to the decentralization of the blockchain, the market value will belong to everyone involved!. To put it simply, for ordinary people, the blockchain cannot make money without bitcoin (although the blockchain that has been brainwashed countless times is not equal to bitcoin, is there any other way for ordinary people to make money from the blockchain?), There are only three ways to make money with bitcoin: (1) mining; (2) Moving bricks; (3) To be a speculator in the currency market (note that it is speculation, because there is no investment in the currency market!):.
        (3) Speculation can be short-term or long-term. As the currency price fluctuates, the difference between buying and selling is earned. Once again, in the currency market, even if you are a long-term speculator (hoarder), you must treat yourself as a speculator, or you will lose. Bomb disposal expert 2: watch the full version of the movie for free. Bomb disposal expert 2: Mandarin online day. Today's answer: Daquan cross sea bridge is very difficult to build, partly because of the marine environment?. Bomb disposal expert 2 free to watch the full version of the movie bomb disposal expert 2 what's the situation? Netizens lament that strange publicity methods have increased again.
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