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Beijing Haidian applies blockchain technology to administrative approval

Time : 16/02/2022 Author : k2zcob Click : + -
        Xinhua news agency, Beijing, April 16 (reporter Jining) the reporter learned from Haidian District, Beijing that since early April, it has covered 4 types of national data, 17 types of municipal data and 4 types of district level data, including business license, marriage information, disabled person information and patent certificate information. More than 200 data items of 25 types of license materials have been used in the Haidian District government affairs service "one network office" platform to realize real-time verification of materials and identities. It is understood that Haidian District comprehensively launched the pilot work in early 2020. On the basis of summing up the experience in the application of blockchain technology in the field of enterprise establishment and real estate registration in 2019, Haidian District formulated and issued the work plan for deepening the application of blockchain government services in Haidian District, laying a foundation for deepening the application of blockchain technology in Haidian District.
        In February, the first batch of blockchain technology applications in the field of government affairs services in Haidian District landed in 9 scenarios, reaching 40 by April 12. All the 40 scenes (events) in Haidian District have achieved the "four reductions and one promotion" reform effect of "reducing materials, reducing time limit, reducing links, reducing running, and promoting online office", with an average reduction of more than 40% of the materials submitted by the clerks and a time limit of 17.5 working days. Through parallel approval and assistant agency, the approval process is reduced. 20 scenarios are changed from "only run once" to "no run once", and 11 scenarios are changed from "run more than twice" to "only run once". These scenarios include the enterprise life cycle service chain such as start-up, production and operation, employee affairs, government subsidies, liquidation and cancellation, and the personal life cycle service chain such as birth, school, marriage, childbirth, household registration and other matters.
        Beijing taxation launched the cultural enterprise online day. The third Inspection Bureau of Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau, in conjunction with the Beijing Cultural and creative financial service platform, conducted online training for some cultural enterprises in Beijing, focusing on explaining the relevant tax preferential policies for cultural enterprises, introducing in detail the tax treatment methods for the implementation of relevant policies, and helping cultural enterprises solve difficulties. Beijing Metro Line 1 learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission on April 18 that in order to coordinate with the construction of the Apple Garden comprehensive transportation hub and the reconstruction of the apple garden station, the train operation section of Beijing Metro Line 1 has been changed from Gucheng station to Sihui East station since the first train on April 18. In the first quarter of 2020, the reality themed dramas in China's TV drama market continued to "take the lead", with such dramas as "settling down", "I'll wait for you in Beijing", "if the years can turn back", "not enough love", "the decisive court", "pear stewed with rock sugar", "green water and green mountains with a smile" and "elite lawyers".
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