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"One trial and two certificates" landed! Tencent established a mutual recognition mechanism for enterprise certification and vocational skill level recognition in Guangdong

Time : 08/07/2022 Author : nywam2 Click : + -
        This examination marks that Tencent has established a mutual recognition mechanism for enterprise certification and vocational skill level recognition in Guangdong Province, explored the talent evaluation mode of "one test and two certificates", and Guangdong will also welcome the first batch of "certified" blockchain application operators. Gao Dongchun, deputy director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, said that Tencent certification of blockchain application operator (Level 4) and vocational skill level recognition "one trial and two certificates" were first implemented in Shenzhen, which is another innovative practice for Shenzhen to promote diversified evaluation of skilled talents in the new professional field of digital economy. By constantly replicating and promoting the "two-way recognition" mode of certification of leading enterprises in the industry and skill level recorded by the government, we will lead the talent training direction of strategic emerging industries and expand the skilled talent team supporting the development of new industries.
        Tencent will organize experts to write questions for the certification examination of the vocational skill level of blockchain application operator (Level 4). Those who pass the examination will obtain Tencent education certificate and the vocational skill level certificate of blockchain application operator (Level 4). In 2021, the human resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province announced Tencent as the first batch of social training organizations for vocational skill level recognition. Tencent classroom is responsible for the vocational skill level recognition of many professions such as blockchain application operator, computer programmer, advertising designer, E-sports operator, interior decoration designer, network and information security administrator, color matching engineer, E-sports player and e-commerce engineer.
        This examination is the result of the joint efforts of Guangdong Provincial Human Resources and social security department, Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Tencent to explore mutual recognition, intercommunication and mutual trust between enterprise certification and vocational skill level recognition. It will effectively solve the "blocking point" problem of talent training and transmission in the blockchain industry and alleviate the current situation of talent shortage. Zheng Jie, vice president of Tencent education and general manager of Tencent classroom, said that Tencent classroom is looking forward to taking the pilot project of "one trial and two certificates" for vocational skill level recognition of blockchain application operators as an opportunity to cooperate with partners to promote mutual recognition, exchange and mutual trust of Tencent certification and vocational skill level recognition of more occupations, so as to cultivate and deliver practical technical skill talents to the society.
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