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Where is the research and development of leek blockchain?

Time : 07/11/2021 Author : rfxu1m Click : + -
        Blockchain technology is considered to be the next generation of disruptive core technology after steam engine, power and Internet, and is also one of the fastest developing technology fields at present. However, the popularity of blockchain is not simply due to its technology, but mainly due to its financing convenience and huge profit making effect. It is called "building blockchain". In fact, people are still focusing on ICO (initial coinoffering abbreviation), that is, the first token issuance. For most investors, many people don't even know what blockchain is. They just hear that bitcoin has increased 18 times in a year, and they want to take a risk.
        However, in recent weeks, the media began to frequently expose the unexpected ICO running events. In fact, there is a certain inevitability for a large number of ICOS to run. As a new thing, there is a certain gap in both the control of ICO and the public's understanding of ICO. The strong demand of the market and the imperfection of the supervision make the cheat project adhere to a complete flow industry chain for mass production. These mass-produced ICO projects do not want to be listed on the exchange at all. They will directly run away after the private placement is completed. Satisgroupllc, an ICO consulting firm in New York, recently released the results of an ICO survey, which divided these activities into six categories according to the progress of these activities.
        The report points out that about 80% of the ICOS are fraudulent projects, while only 8% are listed on the exchange, and only some of these 8% projects meet the criteria of "success" or "promising". In addition to pure ICO fraud projects, for those who focus on ICO projects, the heavy industrial chain exploitation has made them unbearable. Each ICO project party has suffered huge losses and is difficult to sustain. The development of "coin circle" has developed from the stage of harvesting leeks (retail investors) by ICO to the stage of harvesting ICO by exchanges. ICO has begun to become a game for big players, and small players have no qualification to join the game. The breaking of tokens, the founder's running away, false packaging, and bad news one after another poured cold water on the "coin circle".
        Finally, the popularity of the blockchain has cooled down a little recently. Various projects that originally wanted to go overseas for ICO have put up the signs of "suspend", "suspend" and "don't worry now", waiting for further changes at home and abroad. However, blockchain is not equal to ICO. We should also take an objective attitude towards ICO and blockchain. We can not deny ICO, but also block chain technology. Those enterprises that are seriously studying "changing the future with blockchain" should have room for survival. In fact, the application of blockchain in the financial field has only begun to become active in the last half of the year. To put it mildly, blockchain technology refers to a way for the whole people to participate in bookkeeping, while ICO refers to an act of raising bitcoin, Ethereum and other general digital currencies.
        Behind each system, there is a database (large account book). We are only the producers of data, and the system is the recorder of data. For example, wechat's account book is recorded by Tencent, and Taobao's account book is recorded by Ali. However, in the blockchain system, everyone in the system can have the opportunity to participate in bookkeeping. The system will judge the fastest and best bookkeeper in the period, write the contents of his records into the ledger, and send the contents of the ledger to all other people in the system for backup. In this way, everyone in the system has a complete account book. This method is called blockchain technology. First of all, national bookkeeping can make each node only a part of the system. Each node has equal rights and has the same account book.
        Destroying some nodes has no impact on the system. Unless you can control most people's computers in the system to make changes, the system will refer to the opinions of most people to determine what is the real result. You will find that it is completely meaningless to modify your own account book (because others do not recognize it). Everyone has the same account book to ensure that the account book recording process is open and transparent. Due to this mechanism of the blockchain, there is no need for any guarantee institution (or individual) to guarantee the data and credit. All things are automatically run through preset procedures. This decentralization can not only greatly reduce costs but also improve efficiency.
        For industries such as the financial industry that need to control risks through layer by layer audit, blockchain technology can greatly reduce the cost of the entire financial system through tamper proof and high transparency, and realize decentralized real-time settlement and clearing, which will greatly improve the global financial efficiency. In addition to the bank led projects and the projects to issue tokens (certificates of rights and interests) (quadrants 1, 2 and 4), we also have a third quadrant. Entrepreneurs in the technology industry can develop some technology applications that do not issue tokens. That is to say, under the current policy system, if you do not issue tokens through ICO to raise funds, it will not involve the "illegal public financing behavior without approval" described in the announcement on preventing the financing risk of token issuance issued by the central bank and other seven ministries and commissions on September 4 last year.
        If you use your own funds or raise funds from some investment institutions / investors to conduct research and development of blockchain technology, there will be no problem at all. As early as December 2016, blockchain has been written into China's 13th five year plan. Over the past year, many local governments in China have issued many encouraging policies to actively embrace the future of blockchain. Let's focus on the relevant policies issued in the last half year (after September 4). At the end of September 2017, Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work, Beijing Development and Reform Commission, Beijing Municipal Bureau of finance, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, etc. jointly issued the notice on the implementation measures of building the capital's green financial system, which once again mentioned the blockchain. For example, in Article 10 on the development of green financial technology, "develop the green financial information infrastructure based on the blockchain, and improve the security level of green financial projects.
        ”。 In October 2017, the Shenzhen Municipal People's government issued several measures for supporting the development of the financial industry in Shenzhen to the people's governments of all districts and the units directly under the municipal government, which mentioned that "outstanding projects in the fields of blockchain, digital currency and financial big data application shall be rewarded with the annual reward limit controlled within 6 million yuan". In the same period, Huangpu District held a centralized signing activity for key blockchain projects, and the first two blockchain industry innovation base platforms and the newly introduced 10 blockchain major projects in Guangzhou were signed at the same time. In December 2017, the measures for promoting the development of the blockchain industry in Guangzhou Development Zone of Huangpu District of Guangzhou city was also officially released, which is also the first government support policy for the blockchain industry in Guangzhou.
        There are 10 articles in the whole policy, and the core articles include 7 aspects, including growth reward, platform reward, application reward, technology reward, financial support, activity subsidy, etc. The support policy of Huangpu District is known as the "10 blockchain" policy with the largest strength in China. In December 2017, the Management Committee of Suzhou High Speed Rail New Town officially released the support policy for the development of blockchain industry, which is divided into 9 items, including settlement support, operation support, talent support and platform support. It is called "Su Jiu Tiao". Provide site support, one-time rewards, business subsidies, etc. for blockchain enterprises. In November 2017, the implementation opinions of the general office of the people's Government of Zhejiang Province on further accelerating the development of software and information service industry (Draft) mentioned the need to accelerate the research and product innovation in cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other frontier fields.
        During the 2018 Hangzhou two sessions, the government work report made by Hangzhou mayor Xu Liyi showed that for the future of Hangzhou, the status of blockchain is second only to "artificial intelligence" and "virtual reality", ahead of "quantum technology" and ranked third. In November 2017, Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission issued the opinions on accelerating the cultivation and innovative application of blockchain industry, which proposed that by 2020, Chongqing would build 2-5 blockchain industrial bases. At present, Yuzhong District has established the first blockchain industry innovation base in Chongqing. 2) Due to the inconsistency in the operation standards of whether the industrial and commercial bureaus across the country can advance the "blockchain" in the company's name and business scope, there may be a large number of enterprises that are actually conducting blockchain technology research and development but are not reflected in the name and business scope, leading to the situation that they cannot be included in the statistical results.
        Data show that Guangdong, especially Guangzhou and Shenzhen, has accumulated a large number of blockchain enterprises. Compared with other provinces, Guangdong is almost unique in attracting blockchain enterprises. Most of these enterprises were registered in the past year. In practice, if an enterprise is established in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it can be reflected in the name, such as Guangzhou ABC blockchain Co., Ltd, "Blockchain technology development and application" or "Internet blockchain technology research and development services" can also be added to the business scope "We believe that the application of blockchain industry will be accelerated in the future. Its characteristics of decentralization, disintermediation and anonymity will not only bring new challenges to enterprise management and government regulation, but also bring more opportunities to realize data transparency, information disclosure, management and operation efficiency, and gradually realize the substantive implementation of blockchain Technology to all fields.
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