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Fire at full blast! Zhongxiang bit calls you to participate in the 2022 Yangtze River Delta blockchain application innovation competition!

Time : 06/01/2022 Author : g7dejr Click : + -
        (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongxiang bit") is a technology driven company established in July 2014. It is deeply engaged in distributed network and blockchain technology and provides high-quality products and integrated blockchain solutions services for many domestic and foreign industrial customers. It is the future and the present. At the top of the digital economy wave, metauniverse, as an important platform for interaction between the virtual world and the real society, is becoming an important track for driving the development of the global digital economy and digital technology innovation. As a new force leading the transformation of social productivity, blockchain technology triggers thousands of industries. In the "14th five year plan" for the development of digital economy, it is proposed to "accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization" and take blockchain as one of the key directions to enhance the innovation ability of key technologies.
        This year's two sessions, "meta universe" is also a high-frequency word widely discussed by members. It is becoming an important track to drive the development of the global digital economy and digital technology innovation. The industry is evolving to a new pattern, the life is leaping to wisdom, and the city is transforming to digital. "Fusion technology enabled industry" 2022 Yangtze River Delta blockchain innovation and application competition is coming!. The Yangtze River Delta blockchain application innovation competition of "fusion technology enabled industry" has been successfully held for three times since 2019. The competition has created good social benefits and brand value. It promotes and assists the coordinated development of science and technology and industry, and contributes to the construction of a digital power by comprehensively referring to blockchain technology, blockchain industry planning and layout and landing application cases.
        The award-winning enterprises in the competition have won the favor of investment institutions, application scene parties and capital markets. They have won many blockchain projects. Several enterprises have won the PREA round to C round of financing, and the government industrial fund investment has achieved a bumper harvest in market value and income; Selected to participate in the characteristic field pilot action of the national blockchain innovation and application pilot jointly issued by 17 ministries and commissions including the central network information office. The National Joint Conference of blockchain social organizations has gathered more than ten blockchain industry associations in various regions of the country to jointly build a national "talent pool", "project pool" and "capital pool". Shanghai Yangtze River Delta blockchain industry promotion center cooperates with brother provinces, cities and regional partners in the Yangtze River Delta to build a multi benefit ecosystem, create value and share fruits.
        The Organizing Committee of the competition has reached strategic cooperation with industry and financial institutions to provide technology promotion, scientific and technological evaluation and talent cultivation, and provide industry finance and industry demand matchmaking meetings for outstanding projects in the Yangtze River Delta and the national blockchain. Cross border integration, there is also a thought feast of wisdom cross collision. Bring together well-known celebrities in the industry, political representatives and leading representatives of various industries to share cutting-edge technologies and explore the latest trends and industrial development trends of the industrial yuan universe at the 2022 Yangtze River Delta blockchain application innovation competition and the first industrial yuan universe forum. The winning enterprises / individuals are eligible to be recommended to the candidate list of "science and innovation China"; Invite to participate in the international blockchain theme forum, summit and science and technology event; The 2022 blockchain Festival and other high-end industry and finance matchmaking meetings fully demonstrate and promote the development vitality of enterprises.
        The competition aims to create a precise connection between production and demand, and a "industry + technology + capital" strength battle! All enterprises and team projects registered for the competition will be given priority to enter the "project pool", "capital pool" and "talent pool" constructed by the National Joint Conference of social organizations. In the future, they will have the opportunity to obtain industrial funds, government support, large factory project docking, and be selected into the "national blockchain technology application selected case album". The competition is widely solicited throughout the country, and the competition is held in many places in the Yangtze River Delta. It sets a benchmark and a model for the host city to become a blockchain, metauniverse and science and technology communication work, and creates a fertile soil for the city's digital empowerment, investment attraction and talent recruitment.
        A total of more than ten honorary trophies will bloom brilliantly at the 2022 Yangtze River Delta blockchain application innovation competition and the award ceremony of the first industrial yuan universe forum. Chain to the future, we are waiting for you!. The selection process itself follows the principles of independence, impartiality and seriousness. Please send an email to:. If you are interested in cooperating with the 2022 Yangtze River Delta blockchain application innovation competition, please send an email to:.
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