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Is it for the sake of obtaining pleasure token reward dopamine

Time : 30/01/2022 Author : qv23ha Click : + -
        Since the beginning of this year, the trip team has started to enter this industry, and completed the project in the mass consumption field in May. It does not engage in air currency, nor does it engage in speculation, that is, it really recognizes the line Real time currency price. According to CCN, according to a survey conducted by the human resources recruitment platform, 29% of freelancers prefer to get paid through cryptocurrency rather than through traditional systems and banks. It is reported that the survey covered 1100 Americans, 18% of whom hope that all payments will be made in cryptocurrency, while 11% hope that some payments will be made in cryptocurrency. According to the daily hodl report, Max Keizer, a senior figure on Wall Street and the host of the Keiser report, recently predicted that bitcoin would rise to more than $100000.
        Keizer calls bitcoin a "black hole of money" and will "devour all legal currencies". He believes that only bitcoin has the ability to create an impossible world and destroy all obstacles. According to financial reports, at the 2018 Beijing Financial Security Forum held today, Yang Kaisheng, former president of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, said that the blockchain should establish a unified industry standard as soon as possible. The traditional technology architecture has been relatively mature in business support, risk management, regulatory compliance and system compatibility, while the blockchain technology is not mature in system stability and application security, There is no universally accepted standard in the industry.
        With the continuous development of the blockchain industry, the governments of nine provinces (cities) across the country have launched blockchain industry funds according to their own conditions, with a total scale of nearly 40 billion yuan. Among them, Hangzhou xiongan global blockchain innovation fund is the earliest blockchain industry fund in China. The scale of fund projects initiated by Hangzhou, Nanjing and Henan reached 10 billion yuan, which is the largest blockchain industry fund at present. All over the country are supporting the development of blockchain, especially the technology landing. For provinces and cities with financial support policies, the industry will develop faster. Looking forward to 2019, more specific policies will be introduced, and will be settled at the municipal and county levels, which will be more operational.
        As we all know, the rise of blockchain, including digital currency, is indeed too fast, and then it started from the secondary market speculation, which ignited many places like wildfire. So it was indeed speculative from the beginning. Therefore, we can not deny that many people with incorrect attitudes flooded into this industry at the beginning. The outstanding feature of these people is that they do not pay attention to the creation of real value. What they really care about is how to make themselves rich by creating market expectations and then cutting leeks in the middle. During this period of time, the regulation has not kept up, and the whole market is in a state of continuous improvement. The whole circle is immersed in a bad culture, and the whole values are distorted. This state is unsustainable. However, due to the wealth creation ability and the speed of capital inflow in this field, many people who want to do the right thing are attracted.
        Since the beginning of this year, the trip team has started to enter this industry, and completed the project in the mass consumption field in May. It does not engage in air currency or hype. It is a team that really works hard. In this field, they hope to use the token economy to transform traditional production relations, improve the fairness of interests in the tourism industry, promote new collaboration or changes in some values, reach a consensus, and strive to bring value to users and create their own travel service platform. How does trip run in token economy mode? First, every participant in the travel ecology can become the owner and shareholder of token.
        Secondly, the development of the whole project needs "token" incentive to complete. Platform parties and individual users who contribute to the development of the project will receive token rewards. Therefore, participants will work together to obtain tokens. It is easy for people to understand the importance of token incentive by using the metaphor of human beings. Pa Pa Pa is the mining mechanism of the life system. The combination of eggs and sperm is like the success of hash collision, and the success of "explosion", thus completing the task of reproduction. Pop pop incentive tokens are dopamine, endorphins and other happy coins. As a result, most of us are not "popping" for the sake of "popping", but happy tokens for obtaining physical rewards.
        As more and more people realize the charm of token, the token incentive brought by trading will surely attract more people to join. With the development of the project, the application will be more abundant. As the winner of today's Toutiao Qingyun plan and baijiahao + plan, the author of the year of Baidu digital in 2019, the most popular author in the field of baijiahao science and technology, the author of Sogou science and technology culture in 2019, and the influential creator of baijiahao in 2021, he has won the best industry media person of Sohu in 2013, the Beijing season runner up of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015, the 2015 light experience Award, the third runner up of the finals of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015 2018 Baidu dynamic annual strength red man and many other awards.
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