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Blockchain Morning Post: Wal Mart plans to store payment data on the blockchain; G20 relaunches the cryptocurrency market supervision plan; Small

Time : 08/12/2021 Author : pvgilb Click : + -
        According to two patent applications issued by the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday, Wal Mart, a retail giant, plans to use blockchain technology to store payment data, ensure the security of payment data, and ensure that private information will not be accessed by unauthorized parties. Senior executives and some lobbyists of Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square ventures, well-known venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, held private talks with officials of the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 28 this year, hoping that products in the field of digital currency could be exempted from the regulation of the sec. They believe that tokens are not investments, but are only used for services or network products provided by start-ups. However, if the token issuer is fraudulent, they do not oppose the intervention of the sec.
        SEC officials are skeptical about such an overall exemption. The source said that the SEC is more likely to provide limited regulatory exemptions from the issuance of tokens that restrict investors and cannot be resold to third parties for profit. It is reported that global economic leaders will hold the second G20 finance ministers' meeting and central bank governors' meeting in Washington from April 19 to 20 this year. At that time, they will formulate specific policies and continue to discuss the agenda items adopted in Buenos Aires. According to the plan, 55 delegations will attend the meeting, including 22 finance ministers, 18 central bank governors and 9 leaders of international organizations. The International Monetary Fund and the world bank will also participate in the meeting.
        Chilean media speculated that the accounts of the three Chilean cryptocurrency exchanges may be closed because the banks followed the government's instructions. This is because the financial commission of Chile (CFSC) has previously held a negative attitude towards the cryptocurrency industry and related risks. The members of CFSC include representatives of Chilean Ministry of finance, central bank, securities, banking and pension regulatory agencies. According to CNBC, Taiwan integrated circuit manufacturing corporation (TSMC), the world's largest semiconductor manufacturing company, cut its annual revenue forecast, one of which is the uncertainty of cryptocurrency "mining" demand. The company said that the demand for the 28 nm product line used for cryptocurrency mining hardware might weaken.
        Morgan Stanley analyst Charlie Chan and his team said in a report on Thursday that about 10% of TSMC's revenue currently depends on the demand for cryptocurrency mining. If the price of bitcoin falls, it may further reduce TSMC's revenue forecast. On April 19, momentous, a US listed game digital media company, announced the acceptance of digital currencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, momentous announced the appointment of Andrew Birnbaum as the chief digital currency officer. According to the statistics of coindesk, the media in the cryptocurrency industry, the global ICO financing scale in the first quarter of 2018 was US $6.3 billion, which was 118% of the global ICO financing scale in 2017.
        The average round of financing scale and financing speed of ICO projects in the first quarter also exceeded those in the past. The number of ICOS in the current quarter was 59% of that in 2017. 35 large Japanese enterprises, mainly securities companies, will establish a "Securities alliance". One of the objectives of the alliance is to explore the specific use of high-tech technologies such as distributed accounting technology, human recognition and artificial intelligence in financial facilities. The alliance said that although the distributed accounting technology is based on virtual currency, it is not limited to this. It will try to use this technology to improve the stability, flexibility and efficiency of the financial institution system. Among the 35 enterprises, there are many industrial giants such as Mitsubishi UFJ, SBI, GMO and MONEX.
        Xiao Wei, head of Baidu blockchain laboratory, said that blockchain 3.0 must be the underlying technology supporting the whole blockchain in the future, but there is no concept of decentralization in the development of the whole blockchain. Baidu finance will continue to cultivate blockchain technology. In addition, baidu is also trying to use blockchain in the field of automatic driving. Xiao Lei, a well-known financial commentator, said that he believed that with the development of the economy, people in the past had a huge demand for physical goods, and they wanted solid and large pieces. In the future, human needs will be in the virtual world. Blockchain has been playing very successfully in the financial field, and it will also play a big role in the game industry. When it comes to blockchain chaos, min Wanli, chief scientist of Alibaba cloud AI, believes that "after extreme fanaticism, it will definitely cool down quickly. The blockchain concept continues to be popular. The main reason is that some people make profits from it, and there is a phenomenon of spreading false information. Many people will fall into an irrational state, and speculators will eventually leave a piece of ruins.
        However, the technology of blockchain is worth studying. Min Wanli said that the trust problem has not been solved for a long time. This technology may allow people to gradually improve their credit system, but it still needs time to settle. In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei group and CEO of netheart technology, pointed out that the digital token "linkke" issued by Xunlei in its shared computing network is the exchange medium between the company and users, and is a kind of digital token. At the same time, Chen Lei agreed with the regulatory authorities' decision to cancel the controversial fund raising. He believed that the government's strict control of speculation in the industry could help the blockchain rebuild its reputation. According to media reports, on April 19, the mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi launched an app called "Xiaomi WiFi chain". The app uses the current popular blockchain technology to allow users to earn "rice grains" to exchange for corresponding prizes.
        Tang mu, vice president of Xiaomi ecological chain, gave some explanations about Xiaomi WiFi chain app on Weibo. He said that "& lsquo; WiFi chain & rsquo; is not a blockchain, but a small application exploration based on blockchain technology", which is "an attempt that the team has been holding for a long time". The main way to play is to save "rice grains" to exchange f code. According to the report of the securities times, according to the recent annual reports of many state-owned banks and joint-stock banks, the blockchain technology has gradually produced application results from the "proof of concept" stage where banks and financial institutions competed to layout several years ago. However, although there have been many blockchain application achievements, as market participants believe, "we are now in the blockchain 1.5 era".
        At present, there are many blockchain projects based on alliance chain at home and abroad, but they mainly focus on non core business applications of banks, and most of them are still in the proof of concept stage. It is reported that Jiang Guofei, vice president of ant financial, recently disclosed that at present, the Alipay love donation platform has fully introduced the blockchain technology. Next, it will try production level landing applications, such as mutual insurance, food safety traceability, and housing rental traceability. The first batch of candy blockchain mobile phones will be delivered on April 20, and the second batch of pre-sale will be launched at 10:00 on April 23. It was jointly launched by the candy mobile phone and the Ethereum fog foundation. It is said that it has truly realized the mining function. POC mining can be performed without an external miner. Users can obtain candy coin TGF in the blockchain ecosystem created by the built-in application "candy treasure" in the mobile phone, and can use candy TGF to realize Eth and ETF mining functions.
        It can also be used to exchange the specified goods and services in the candy mobile phone mall and the application market. According to Babbitt, oklockchain capital recently announced that it decided to choose EOS IO is the first ecological cooperation partner, and provides us $100 million capital support for EOS ecological project to fully support its ecological growth and development. Okblockchain capital will establish an EOS ecological construction special group, create an eos-ok community, and officially join the EOS super node campaign. Recently, in order to save the cost of information transmission, improve the efficiency of goods clearance, and promote the innovation of the inspection and supervision mode of imported consumer goods, the Shanghai Airport Inspection and quarantine bureau successfully launched a blockchain data platform.
        Blockchain technology has the characteristics of non tampering, decentralization and anonymity. It plays an important role in data security, data sharing, data tracking and data credibility.
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