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Invested 600 million yuan to build a digital double carbon headquarters project, and billion chain was registered in Liangjiang New Area

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : 4umfxp Click : + -
        The backbone node of "Spark & middot; chain network" aims to create a green digital asset blockchain infrastructure serving "individuals, governments, enterprises, verification, consulting and regulatory institutions". It is reported that as a member company of elion group, elion chain will rely on elion group to reach the peak of carbon & middot; Rich experience in the field of carbon neutrality, based on big data, AI, blockchain and other distributed technologies, it can realize the certification, circulation and transaction of green finance while reducing costs and risks. Treelion, as the self-developed platform of elion group, is also one of the cores of the vertical and horizontal operation of elion chain. It mainly uses the spark of the new infrastructure of blockchain & middot; The chain network has established full scene applications from carbon footprint, enterprise carbon ledger, park carbon monitoring platform to Carbon Asset Management and carbon trading platform to guide users to record, authenticate and score green assets.
        The platform is based on the blockchain Traceability Technology to solve the problem of product data collection. Users can query the carbon footprint information of the whole process of the product by simply scanning the code, and contribute to the "double carbon" goal by selecting low-carbon products. At the same time, the platform uses the blockchain as the underlying technology to open up the data channels between various departments and establish the enterprise carbon emission data warehouse, carbon emission reduction data warehouse and carbon sink data warehouse, thus forming the enterprise carbon ledger platform to help enterprise users to manage carbon emissions and carry out energy conservation and emission reduction governance. In addition, the carbon monitoring platform in the park is used to connect the carbon accounts of enterprises in the park, and the spark & middot is used; The privacy computing function of the chain network protects the business data privacy of the enterprise, and realizes that the monitoring data is available but not visible.
        For Carbon Asset Management and trading, it is based on the privacy protection, non tamperability and traceability characteristics of the blockchain. It manages the carbon behavior of individuals, governments, enterprises and institutions on the ledger, helps local governments, industries and even the country to formulate carbon emission rights standards, and guides individuals, governments, enterprises and institutions to save carbon and conduct emissions trading on the chain. In 2020, based on the inherent requirements of promoting sustainable development and the responsibility of building a community with a shared future for mankind, China announced the goals and vision of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Integrating the blockchain into the "double carbon" goal and sustainable development can effectively improve the overall output efficiency and resource utilization rate of all links of the industrial chain, activate the low-carbon, near zero carbon and zero carbon production and lifestyle, strengthen carbon disclosure and carbon management, and realize supply chain traceability, data analysis and value closed-loop.
        As a national new area, Liangjiang New Area has strong support policies and development plans in green finance, carbon trading and other aspects. "The reason for choosing to settle in Liangjiang is that in addition to the advantages of the digital economy industry of Liangjiang New Area, it has also made certain achievements in the innovation fields such as blockchain and cloud computing." Said the relevant person in charge of Yilian vertical and horizontal. In 2020, the Chinese Academy of information and communication technology launched the construction of "Spark & middot; chain network" national new infrastructure in Liangjiang New Area, creating super nodes and blockchain industrial application innovation clusters. The construction of the tenth batch of backbone nodes (green financial industry) of "Spark & middot; chain network" is to promote the large-scale application of blockchain technology in the green economy field and create a demonstration benchmark for innovative application in Liangjiang New Area with the innovative digital business model of "platform + technology + industry".
        At present, elion group has accumulated a large amount of basic data of carbon sequestration assets, and treelion platform also provides a large number of underlying data and practical application scenarios for the operation of the proposed "Spark & middot; chain network" (green financial industry) backbone nodes. The registration and establishment of the project is not only conducive to the new infrastructure to provide solutions for the transformation and empowerment of the real economy, but also conforms to the national strategic direction of "double carbon" development, guides more enterprises and even individuals to participate in energy conservation and carbon reduction, and promotes the high-quality development of industries in Liangjiang New Area.
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