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"Blockchain + digitization" promotes the application of new scenarios and opens unlimited possibilities for multiple fields

Time : 10/02/2022 Author : 8wd15j Click : + -
        This year's government work report puts forward "promoting the development of the digital economy", and stresses "releasing the potential of data elements, improving application ability, better enabling economic development and enriching people's lives". At present, all localities are making efforts to promote the deep integration of digital technology into production and life, so that "digital +" can accelerate the unlocking of new application scenarios, and accelerate the construction of a digital China and a smart society. There is no doubt that the implementation and application of new technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things technology have gradually moved China from the vision of scientific and technological development to reality. More and more people feel that the development prospect of new technology is no longer "empty talk" nor exclusive to money, but is integrated into the public life and consumption scene in the simplest and daily way.
        With the strategic decision-making and deployment of expanding domestic demand, the formation of a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other has been accelerated. The new economic model shows a good trend, which opens up a huge imagination space for the development of the blockchain. In addition to traditional fields such as finance, government affairs and justice, blockchain has gradually emerged in new economic fields such as digital collections, digital copyright, new energy vehicles and digital villages. Digital technology is accelerating the integration with traditional industries, playing a role of amplification, superposition and multiplication of economic development. Taking blockchain technology as the focus, as an enterprise that has laid out blockchain earlier in China, Hesu group takes blockchain technology as the base, combines cloud computing, Internet of things, big data and other technologies, focuses on typical application fields, forms "software + hardware", "Online + offline" and builds a multi ecosystem based on the blockchain technology, constantly integrates into the "blood" of the development of various industries and fields, rapidly deploys, visually monitors, intelligent R & D Innovative advantages such as multi-layer compatibility enable compatibility with multi node types and multi resource media, help users focus on R & D and innovation of core business, comprehensively support the rapid landing and expansion of blockchain business, and achieve more reliable, safer and faster solutions.
        If you plant a Wutong tree, there will be a Phoenix. The application results and the R & D and adoption of digital chain have also been proved by the market. In recent years, Hesu group has insisted on fully promoting the prosperity and development of blockchain technology in China, and has long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions, institutions, enterprises (Institutions) such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shanghai Institute of advanced research), Shanghai University, Suzhou University of science and technology, GCL electric port, Suzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Anhui BIC battery. In 2022, the "smart energy management platform based on big data & amp; blockchain" developed by Suzhou Hesu blockchain Application Research Institute under Hesu group was successfully selected as the honor of Jiangsu provincial "blockchain industry development pilot demonstration project" by Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology in 2022.
        In recent years, with the rapid development of blockchain technology and industrialization, the application has been extended to the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management and other fields, showing broad prospects. After seeing the results of its own system practice, Hesuo group began to explore new economic fields and activate more new economic scenarios. Based on the blockchain technology, Hesu group is not only disseminating information but also disseminating value in the field of scientific and technological research and development. Users can use the point-to-point communication mechanism of digital chain technology to reduce operating costs and popularize IOT equipment; Using its asymmetric encryption characteristics to protect users' privacy and rebuild the trust mechanism; It can also break the information island, promote the interaction between upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and reduce the time and economic cost.
        AI accompanies, data mutual recognition, and daily life becomes intelligent. Digital technology has been deeply integrated into all aspects of people's life, and new application scenarios are constantly emerging. In the era of value Internet, blockchain will become a key component of the development of digital economy and the foundation of trust has become the consensus of the industry. However, before the real large-scale implementation, blockchain technology still needs to face the integration of technology and industry. In essence, the development of blockchain technology still needs & lsquo; Care & rsquo; And avoid & lsquo; Kill & rsquo;. How to implement & lsquo; Eliminate the false and retain the true, and get rid of the false to the real & rsquo; This is the biggest difficulty we are facing.
        Therefore, after completing the transition from the trough of foam burst to the recovery period of steady rise, all parties in the industry not only need to objectively face the difficulties faced by the blockchain, but also more adhere to the concept of "technology makes life better", work together to create an ecological environment of "let the blockchain into life", and actively promote the mature and effective application of the blockchain in the broader new economy and new consumption scenarios. According to the statistics of CCID blockchain Research Institute, the upper, middle and lower levels of China's blockchain industry chain are gradually clear and perfect, and have extended from the original financial field to all aspects of life. It can be seen that with the development of "blockchain + digitalization", large-scale new scene applications in the era of Web3.0 will soon be launched, and the curtain of its omni-directional empowerment for a better life will be officially opened.
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