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Blockchain has become a hot spot in this spring enterprise! The share price soared yesterday

Time : 09/06/2022 Author : nro1l5 Click : + -
        With the domestic and foreign tycoons calling and platform again and again, blockchain, a rare and unpopular technology, is finally as popular as predecessor 3, and the small editor also hurried to make up for his lessons. Two days ago, Xu Xiaoping, founder of Zhenge fund, leaked a screenshot of his wechat group internal speech of "don't spread it out". The sentence "the blockchain revolution has come. It is a great technological revolution in which those who follow will prosper and those who go against will perish. The subversion of tradition will be more rapid and thorough than the Internet and mobile Internet" ignited the science and technology circle. In the capital market, blockchain has also become the hottest concept. Pingshan tea, a Quanzhou tea enterprise, successfully hit the hot spot, and its share price soared 23% yesterday.
        Today's share price fell by 12.5% in the morning, and returned to yesterday's closing price in the afternoon, finally closing at HK $0.016. How did this company get on the hot spot? Originally, Pingshan tea has announced its name change to "blockchain group" on November 23, 2017. Since the time of the announcement of the name change, the share price has risen for three consecutive trading days, with a cumulative increase of 14.04%, and then fell sharply. After the formal name change, the share price has remained calm. After the blockchain concept became popular in the US and A-shares in the past two days, the blockchain group rose 23% again yesterday. "The Board believes that the change of the company name will reflect the future strategy of the group, and the new name will create a new corporate image and identity.
        Therefore, the company believes that changing the name of the company is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders as a whole. " This is what the blockchain group said when explaining the reason for renaming. However, it is worth noting that so far, Pingshan tea has "changed its name first", and the name has been changed but the business related to the block chain has not been carried out. The predecessor of Pingshan tea industry is Huafeng Group, a Fujian textile enterprise listed in 2002. In 2013, Huafeng acquired the nature tea industry for 2.4 billion and transformed it into a tea company. After the acquisition, the company completely stripped off the declining textile business in 2014 and changed its name to "Pingshan tea industry". According to the data, Pingshan tea industry has its own planting bases in Daping and Xiping of Anxi.
        Pingshan tea industry has fallen into a predicament in recent years and suffered losses for years. The company has been in a loss state for three consecutive years. According to the announcement, the company suffered a loss of HK $857 million, HK $828 million and HK $974 million from 2014 to 2016 respectively. The company's 2017 interim report also showed that the loss in the first half of 2017 was HK $70.268 million, which was further expanded compared with the loss of HK $60.904 million in the first half of 2016. When explaining the reasons for the decline in performance, the company said that the consumer market in China was weak, especially the high-end tea products that customers mainly bought as business gifts, which led to the decline in operating performance; The sales and price of the company's industrial products are under pressure.
        So the question comes: in this age of technology mania and inexplicable impetuosity, is everything at present a subversive revolution or a hoax to please the public? What is such a hot blockchain?. Blockchain technology refers to a way for the whole people to participate in accounting. There is a database behind all systems. You can regard the database as a large ledger. At present, they keep their own accounts. Since there is no centralized intermediary organization, making everything run automatically through preset procedures can not only greatly reduce costs, but also improve efficiency. Since everyone has the same account book, it can ensure that the account book recording process is open and transparent.
        The blockchain technology is the underlying technology of bitcoin. Without any centralized organization to operate and manage bitcoin, it has been running very stable for many years without any problems. Therefore, some people have noticed its underlying technology and abstracted the bitcoin technology, which is called blockchain technology or distributed ledger technology. According to a report released by Santander, Spain's largest bank, the cost of using blockchain technology in banks around the world will be US $100 million around 2020. Such data can fully explain the great changes and breakthroughs brought by "blockchain" to the traditional financial field. Cloud computing is generally defined as providing dynamic, scalable and often virtualized resources through the Internet. However, a centralized organization often provides cloud computing platforms.
        The network composed of blockchain generally has no specific mechanism, so blockchain is closer to the definition of distributed computing system and belongs to distributed computing. Q-coin is a kind of centralized electronic currency, including the total amount and issuing method, which are controlled by Tencent. The total amount and issuing method of bitcoin are preset by programs and encryption algorithms and run on multiple nodes around the world. No one or organization can modify it and is not controlled by any single person or organization. Generally, Q currency is called electronic currency or enterprise token. Bitcoin is called digital currency or cryptocurrency.
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