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IResearch: in 2022, the scale of Hongren new economy industry related market will exceed 57 trillion yuan

Time : 02/04/2022 Author : kcm7h8 Click : + -
        On July 25, iResearch consulting and tianxiaxiu jointly released the report on the development of China's red people new economy industry in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report has carried out a detailed and systematic study on the industrial chain and internal ecology related to Hongren new economy, and for the first time has conducted an in-depth analysis on the new industrial upgrading and value brought by the entry of new technology concepts such as metauniverse under Web3.0 for Hongren new economy. At present, with the development of technologies such as 5g and blockchain and the arrival of the era of Web3.0, the value core of Hongren new economy has gradually changed from a single flow value to a diversified value such as content assets. The meta universe will have an all-round impact on all branches of Hongren new economy.
        The report points out that Hongren new economy is one of the typical business forms of China's digital economy and "three new" economy. In recent years, the business forms based on Hongren new economy have become increasingly rich. After the impact of the epidemic has decreased slightly, it will recover again and the growth rate will tend to be steady and uniform. According to statistical estimates, the market scale of China's Hongren new economy related industries will reach 5.7 trillion in 2022, and the market scale of Hongren new economy related industries is expected to exceed 7 trillion in 2024. At present, the typical business ecology of China's Hongren new economy is divided into three core business models: the realization of Hongren's traffic, the realization of Hongren's content and the realization of surrounding services. Under the influence of epidemic situation, profit space and sales market, the overall market scale of Hongren marketing in 2021 will exceed 80 billion yuan.
        From the perspective of investment categories, beauty personal care, as the category with the largest year-on-year growth, has accounted for 26.5% due to market demand and the high ROI of celebrity marketing. At the same time, low-frequency and high passenger unit price products such as automobiles, furniture and household appliances have also entered the Bureau. From the perspective of the e-commerce live broadcast market, the average annual compound growth rate of the live broadcast e-commerce market scale will reach 47.1% from 2021 to 2023. The e-commerce distribution realization under the live broadcast scenario is the most direct way to realize the brand's main goods, which has led to a large amount of traffic transformation. The distribution forms of live broadcast scenes mainly involve pit fee + commission and pure Commission. At present, the proportion of "pit fee + commission" is more heavy. However, with the continuous and rapid development of the red man new economy, there may be a tendency to lean towards the pure Commission mode in the future.
        The report also elaborates on the new digital marketing model generated in the era of Web3.0. The report mentioned that with the development of blockchain technology, virtual people and virtual IP have entered the new economy. The entry of the virtual spokesperson shortens the IP authorization cooperation link and reduces the cooperation risk. It is favored and tried by brand owners, and the meta universe has gradually come into everyone's view. At the same time, live KOL and virtual IP cooperate on the same platform to carry out cross dimensional live broadcast cooperation, attract online users' attention through form innovation and visual experience, follow the trend of the meta universe, and promote brand rejuvenation. In terms of content creation, the promotion of blockchain technology makes the traffic value of red people gradually turn to asset value, and the content creation of red people will be transformed into the display, sale and circulation of digital assets in the virtual world.
        Based on this, for example, new social scenes such as social digital collections and 3D virtual life communities, social play methods and social values are generated. Capable creators can transform their content creation into digital assets for display and sale through cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling. For IP that has been mature on the Internet, digital collections have helped to precipitate their content assets to a certain extent. Digital collections have four advantages: clearer intellectual property rights, meaningful secondary creation, simple and stable licensing mode, and keeping up with the trend to attract attention. Brand owners can integrate more ideas and bring new vitality to the realization of the content scene of the new economy.
        In addition, the rise of metauniverse has aroused the curiosity of more and more young consumers and users, and also provided brand owners with new forms of advertising and marketing. With the continuous development of Hongren new economic ecology, the talent gap appears. With the impact of the epidemic on the offline real economy, the rapid development of external environment such as communication technology and logistics system has promoted the rapid growth of live broadcast e-commerce, and at the same time, a large number of new jobs such as Internet marketers including selectors, live broadcast salesmen, video promoters and platform administrators have been created. According to statistics, by 2025, the talent demand gap of Internet marketers may reach 40 million, and the social role and value of Hongren vocational education are increasingly significant.
        Based on the talent gap and the increasing demand of all parties, the surrounding supporting services such as red man service providers and red man providers have been derived. The boundary expansion with Hongren new economy as the core provides better services for all players from the aspects of Hongren vocational skill training, government policy popularization, brand owner Hongren selection, etc., enriching Hongren new economy ecology while providing diversified employment options, efficiently mining and promoting user flow transformation. Industrial end: with the upgrading of consumption demand, the traffic value will permeate more TOC industries. Compared with the centralized marketing of traditional media, the strong exposure and high consumption transformation brought by its low cost are widely seen. At present, Hongren new economy and industrial cooperation are mainly concentrated in the field of consumption and retail and tourism. In the future, with the progress of economic society and the continuous development and expansion of Hongren new economic ecology, the upgrading of consumer demand will bring more derivatives and entry of TOC industry, and the flow value of Hongren will permeate into richer industries to play a positive role.
        Technology side: emerging technology innovation, hardware foundation enables medium and long-term video and metauniverse. With the change of technology, the development of blockchain and AI and other emerging technologies has provided opportunities for Hongren new economy to dig gold. The evolution of the Internet to Web3.0 will drive the value of creators to a greater extent. Through innovative marketing technologies, the business value will be more empowered. Hongren new economy will also usher in new development opportunities. Among them, medium and long-term video after 5g popularization will usher in development opportunities, and interactive high-definition medium and long-term video will become a new trend. At the same time, the development of the meta universe brought by the blockchain technology will make the virtual IP track grow rapidly and the digital collection will be fully covered.
        Creative side: with the development of cutting-edge science and technology, the content value of Hongren is increasingly prominent. Content creation and marketing in the real world are relatively saturated. With the development of blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, online virtual social networking is recognized by more and more young consumer groups. In the stage of strong traffic competition, Web3.0 will generate a group of new content creators who master advanced technologies such as 3D modeling and have stronger content production capacity. The value of these content creators will be upgraded from traffic value to content asset value, and the brand business value will be enhanced through the creation and Realization of digital content assets. Red man end: the user likes to subdivide, and the brand will be inclined to the red man at the waist and tail.
        As a decentralized new economy, with the openness of communication and more and more people entering the ecology, under the background of strict market control and fierce traffic competition, the high difficulty and high cost of head red man cooperation gradually shift the target of brand owners to the waist and tail, turning a small number of head red men into a large number of waist and tail red man cooperation, and improving the ROI while reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of the brand. News information service license audio-visual product publishing license radio and television program production and operation license network audio-visual license network culture operation license.
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