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Is the oath a show? Whose cheese has run finance moved

Time : 27/07/2022 Author : 8ev1ch Click : + -
        A few days ago, at the swearing in session of finacerun's press conference on July 7, a video of less than 1 minute aroused a lot of doubts from some people with ulterior motives. Why do people react so strangely when they see positive energy appearing in blockchain media? Is it not normal not to make a show, do not make things, and do not seek profits? We are wronged!. What is more interesting is that the official wechat of sina games forwarded the video at the first time, and some netizens and big V commented on it. However, the text comments matched by the blogger are so confusing and inferior. How much does a game industry media know about the blockchain industry? Is it true that the official editors of sina's own channels can make arbitrary remarks indiscriminately, out of context, regardless of the offensive nature, without tracing the truth and echoing the opinions of others, all of which are based on traffic and have nothing to do with the content? As long as they are hot, they can receive bonuses as they deserve with forwarding, comments and likes?.
        As the official micro blog of sina games, it represents the Sina game channel and Sina itself. Although it is not a class (important) channel, the content released should still be strictly implemented according to the content standards of sina. This is common sense. However, it can be seen from this blog post that the content review mechanism in Weibo has become a virtual reality. Once something is deleted, everything will be fine and there is no sense of media responsibility. Looking through the historical blog posts released by Sina game official wechat, we can find that its content is involved in many industries, such as entertainment gossip, social hot spots, e-commerce, comics, finance, sports, astronomy, science and technology, GIF funny pictures, etc. it seems that this is an official wechat that only rubs heat, and the channel official wechat of the portal is nothing more than that!.
        Swearing that it is not common in the blockchain industry and even in the whole media circle, but we did it by running finance, because we dare to do it! We hope to pledge under the national flag that as media people, we must strictly abide by media obligations, fulfill media responsibilities, adhere to objectivity and impartiality, report the truth and establish a good media. What we convey is full of positive energy. Those who can't understand, make comments, and become "dirty", and those who take the oath as a show or a joke and can't digest it, go back to the furnace and review the social responsibilities and obligations of the media. Don't be a media practitioner in vain. While the blockchain industry is becoming more and more popular, the whole industry is sharpening its head to attract eyeballs, crazy circles of fans, and hot spots. It can be said that it is for the sake of interests that it uses all its resources.
        A few days ago, a special actor appeared on the Boao Asian blockchain forum to use the image of a great man as a "platform" to create momentum. Great man + blockchain, the organizer's brain is really big. Some media even said that they would accept the on-site generation of the logo, whether it was ridicule or ridicule. Whether the media should have a correct attitude, whether it is the blockchain industry or the media itself, it is a serious matter to pick up the partner's logo on the spot. I still remember that some time ago, a big guy in the currency circle cheered to launch the island blockchain study tour project, which triggered the media of various blockchains to sign up as a long-term investment promotion and cooperation platform, in order to get on this leg. All kinds of good news are no less than the wechat "happy mention" series.
        What role does the media play here? The media are not matchmakers. They need to marry everywhere and shout everywhere. The media must have a bottom line and professional ethics. In front of the public, the media must present to the public an individual with independent opinions, credibility, temperature and knowledge of the cold and the warm. A certain industry's vertical media, with a website online of 100 million. Obviously, this is not a common phenomenon, but there are still a large number of media with the banner of blockchain. Everyone has a big dream. Why can't I? Finally, there is still a avenue of stars to continue, such as issuing coins, making exchanges, and wealth freedom & hellip& hellip; Are you a little too naive.
        The monthly salary of the website editor is 60000. No matter what occupation, this price is also very attractive. In fact, a large number of media people turn to join the blockchain industry media, but it is unknown whether they actually get this number of income. However, media practitioners have never been a high-income profession. The premise is that they can not put down the belief that media people should have, or many people may not have faith in the money world. Why is it that the ugly status of blockchain media is everywhere, but the mainstream media are rarely heard to speak for it? If there is no public opinion, no accusation and no control, can we allow it to grow savagely? Does the current industry problem need to be written on paper? Why can't most media really fulfill their responsibilities and fulfill their obligations.
        The reason is still the two words: interests! What the gold owner paid for was full screen praise and praise, raised the banner and shouted loudly, created more hot spots and increased attention. He even did not hesitate to rush to the front of the stage to be a "net celebrity", to attract people, issue orders, and run horses to encircle the land. The ultimate goal was to issue money and make money. The cheese is here, and the overall performance of the blockchain industry is cutting leeks. Any media that wants to jump out of the circle and become a bystander outside the circle will inevitably move the cheese of most people, so most people will stick to the rules and no one will challenge the uncontrollable consequences in the face of interests. Blockchain media is first and foremost the media. It is an individual who needs to adhere to the media belief. We need to be responsible for the information transmitted by the public. We need to be a guide and a promoter of the positive development of the blockchain industry.
        Finacerun was invested and founded by the capital financial services chamber of Commerce. Yes, we have a background. We are a regular army. We dare to be the first in the world. We are committed to building a blockchain information service platform. We want to be the benchmark in blockchain media. Swearing in is not a show of the Boao incident. We just need facts to speak. Since its inception, we have always taken the healthy development of the industry as the premise. We have not received any money to send a manuscript, nor have we made a platform for any project. We pay for the press conference, prepare for the competition, and do not sell tickets. This is the attitude that the media should have and our expectation for the good development of the industry.
        Recently, we launched a series of in-depth special reports on "blockchain 3 & middot; 15" to focus on the industry chaos, track hot topics and major events, dig deep into the dark side of the currency circle, and attack the bad phenomena of the industry. We will take advantage of the launching ceremony of the 2018 global blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship competition to show the public the determination and confidence of running finance as a media person. So far, there have been 13 headline articles on the launch of "blockchain 3 & middot; 15", and the series of reports are still in progress. Oath is not something that every media dare to do. Swearing in is not a show. We just hope to attract the attention of the blockchain media circle and even the whole tired media circle, so that some media that have been corrupted or are on the verge of corruption can reflect on themselves in a timely manner, regain their sense of media responsibility, strengthen their faith in the media, and establish their necessary responsibilities again.
        We swear ourselves, as the media people, we can understand the current situation of the market media. Whoever is willing to accept the cheese will have to face the doubts from the industry. At the same time, running finance hopes to take this opportunity to appeal to all media in the industry as the mainstream media in the blockchain industry: stand at the height of the media, put the attitude of the media right, and fulfill the responsibilities of the media. To expose the scandals and expose the dark scenes, expose the confusion and chaos of the industry to the public layer by layer, and do not drive by interests, collect black money, do not make paid news and false news, deliver accurate and valuable content, and provide correct value guidance for the public. Do a good job of self-discipline, do less things that affect people's interests, improve their own moral standards, and be a media that can really promote the development of the industry.
        Return to Sohu to see more.
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