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CCF member day blockchain sub forum focuses on grasping blockchain innovation opportunities

Time : 30/06/2022 Author : zc2okv Click : + -
        Recently, China Computer Society (CCF) series activities & mdash& mdash; The theme activity of "intelligent infinity" CCF member day was held in Tongji University in Shanghai. At the sub forum of blockchain theme, Ma Xiaofeng, President of Tongji blockchain Research Institute, Si Xueming, Professor of Fudan University and director of CCF blockchain special committee, and Cao Heng, founder of boundary intelligence and ieisnet, respectively introduced the development status of blockchain technology, the latest technological innovation and several landing cases from the perspective of academic research and industrial practice. At the forum, Bai Shuo, chairman of CCF Shanghai branch and chairman of Danwo intelligence, delivered a keynote speech on "architecture issues related to digital currency", and shared the introduction of Libra plan and its impact on the industry.
        Recently, there has been a major policy inflection point in the blockchain field, which has been incorporated into the national innovation system and placed in an important strategic position, which has also played a supporting role for China in the global game. Bai Shuo believes that the improvement of productivity will shorten the distance between things. When the productivity makes the distance short enough, it will change the structure and change the production relations. This is what we call "subversion". Blockchain technology can solve the problem of trust between people, remove people from the chain of trust coupling, and improve the efficiency of "trust". The development of blockchain technology will drive "trust" and eventually move towards "unmanned". With the entry of large enterprises, large funds and large flows, virtual currency, business circle currency and legal digital currency intersect in three ways, represented by Libra launched by Facebook.
        Libra has put forward five major appeals: borderless, point-to-point, programmable, zero handling fee and low volatility, which can help some countries where mobile payment is difficult to promote and cannot get convenient financial experience, because they cannot build corresponding communication + financial infrastructure. Especially in the countries where some weak central banks are located, which are technologically underdeveloped countries, it may take a long time for them to build such a system and infrastructure independently from scratch. If they succeed, Libra will have the opportunity to overtake Alipay and wechat payment. Can Libra do it? Bai Shuo believes that there are several doubts: one is the user conversion rate. The promotion of the strong central bank in the country always goes through repeated games.
        Second, it is difficult to change from "license" to "non license" in technology. Finally, we need to consider the China factor. The world is very big. It is not only one Libra that can accommodate it. If there is another, China is the only country in the world that can launch it. Bai Shuo analyzed the impact of Libra on China's financial technology, and believed that there would be no such problem for China, because China's point-to-point experience has been very good. In the world outside China, if everyone wants to make up for this lesson, it will indirectly impact the international business expanding overseas. Programmable is also a kind of overtaking in curve, because we can't realize mobile payment at present. Zero handling fee, needless to say.
        Blockchain is a strong competitor of traditional technology in terms of cross-border payment, international exchange and open finance. We must actively respond. Bai Shuo said that from the perspective of China's response, there are three possible scenarios: overseas business is based on Libra, which is equivalent to surrender; If we withdraw from China and do not deal with Libra, nor do we go to the international market, it is equivalent to our withdrawal. Neither of these is what we hope; The third possibility is to establish a system that can compete with Libra. Bai Shuo believes that there are several basic demands of legal digital currency, such as the right to coin and the implementation tools of foreign currency policy, foreign exchange control, anti money laundering, taxation, taking into account the interests of commercial banks and privacy protection.
        First of all, we should separate the issue and circulation. If foreign exchange control is involved, it involves border governance and market-oriented foreign exchange pricing, and involves cross chain and exchange technology. Both anti money laundering and taxation will put forward the demand for super Authority real name system. Specifically, it is necessary to conduct penetrating management and monitoring of accounts, block some suspicious transactions, and dispose of legally illegal assets. Can such measures be taken on the blockchain. Finally, Bai Shuo put forward the viewpoint of "three no hindrances": the centralization of bookkeeping right does not hinder the decentralization of supervision right. The centralization of issuance does not hinder the decentralization of circulation. The centralization of account books does not hinder the decentralization of contracts.
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