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With the help of blockchain technology, the "shape reshaping" in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection

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        In the past few days, blockchain has become a hot word. Not only has blockchain concept stocks triggered a hot debate in the market, but also the integration and application of blockchain and industry have received extensive attention from all parties. As the experimental field of China's capital market reform, the science and innovation board supports high-tech and strategic emerging industries. Enterprises with science and innovation attributes have higher requirements on R & D and technology, and often need to be more closely connected with leading-edge technologies. "Blockchain technology is widely used in the financial industry, and is now gradually applied to the real economy, such as high-end equipment, energy, biomedicine and other industries. With the gradual maturity of blockchain technology, there will be more and more application scenarios in the six fields supported by the science and innovation board.
        ”Pan Xiangdong, chief economist of new era securities, told the Securities Daily. According to the research report released by lianxun securities, with the help of policy dividends and industrial capital, the application of blockchain technology is expected to develop rapidly in the future and gradually radiate to other industries and scenario applications starting from the financial industry. Pan Xiangdong told the reporter that the blockchain will have a direct impact on the enterprises in the new generation of information technology industry of the science and technology innovation board. In the future, with the gradual maturity of the blockchain technology and the development of the blockchain application scenarios, the blockchain will enhance China's economic efficiency and improve the economic quality. Enterprises in other industries of the science and Technology Innovation Board will also be affected. In the 2019 Tencent blockchain white paper, it is pointed out that the technical characteristics of the blockchain have given it the potential to transform traditional industries. Its application has been extended from a single digital currency application to the scenarios of various industries. It can strengthen multi-party cooperation, improve the security and trustworthiness of the system, simplify the process and reduce costs, and then boost the real industry in various fields.
        When talking about the energy conservation and environmental protection field in the science and technology innovation board, pan Xiangdong analyzed that with the continuous maturity of the blockchain technology and concept, its application is gradually expanding from the financial field to all links. One of the characteristics of the blockchain is distributed. The energy conservation and environmental protection blockchain means that the combination of the blockchain and distributed energy in the future will reshape the entire energy conservation and environmental protection industry. "At present, the blockchain is mainly applied in the field of energy Internet, the certification of carbon emission rights and the measurement of carbon emissions. In the future, the blockchain will promote the combination of green finance and energy conservation and environmental protection." Pan Xiangdong further explained to the reporter that first, blockchain technology helps to build a weakly centralized blockchain energy network trading system in China. Through the coupling demand of energy Internet and blockchain technology, combined with the characteristics of blockchain such as trusted measurement, extensive trading, smart contract control, distribution decision-making and wide area integration Billing includes key technologies such as electricity meter billing or emission trading; Second, in terms of certification of carbon emission rights and measurement of carbon emissions, blockchain technology can precisely provide an intelligent system platform; Third, the blockchain system can ensure that the source and trading path of each unit's carbon emission rights can be traced back to the source, confirm the existence and validity of the transaction, ensure that the distribution of carbon emission rights in China is fair and reasonable, and make the data open and transparent.
        "Blockchain will optimize China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry and energy structure, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of emerging industries, reduce the proportion of traditional coal and other energy consumption, achieve the coordinated development of environmental protection and economy through accurate measurement of carbon trading, and achieve high-quality economic growth.". On the whole, the problems and risks existing in the current blockchain can be divided into two categories: first, financial risks. Blockchain is widely used in the financial field, and some regulations have not kept up with it. There are certain financial risks, which need to be improved; The second is the security problem of the blockchain technology itself, including the security of the underlying code, cryptographic algorithm and consensus mechanism.
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