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Entrepreneur yuan Ruijuan: it's a good time to give people who really want to do things countless opportunities

Time : 11/07/2021 Author : 3fbd54 Click : + -
        "Chain labs has persisted since 2018. My deep feeling is that this era is really good. People who really want to do things have countless opportunities for you to do it." Recently, yes,. It is reported that chain labs was established in September 2018. In recent years, with blockchain technology as the entry point, chain labs has widely integrated cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5g and cloud computing to provide more diversified technology enabling services for the vast number of transformation and upgrading or entrepreneurial enterprises. "Before the establishment of chain labs, the project team has been deeply engaged in the blockchain field for many years. Members of the team who have returned from overseas have always been very interested in emerging Internet technologies and like new things.
        This is the background color of this team. " Yuan Ruijuan introduced that before entering the blockchain industry, she had been working in the traditional industry. At the end of 2019, she joined the chain labs team. She learned that the chain labs team has been doing technical exploration work related to the blockchain since 2013. Therefore, we can see the infinite possibilities of the blockchain industry in the future. "We believe that the blockchain will play a huge and positive role in promoting the future world pattern, including the economic pattern and the technological pattern. Therefore, since the establishment of chain labs in 2018, no matter how the application of the surface of the blockchain changes, we have always focused on the underlying technology of the blockchain.
        ”Yuan Ruijuan said. With the application and promotion of blockchain technology in different social scenarios, the blockchain industry has grown rapidly. In the process of exploring the blockchain industry, yuan Ruijuan deeply remembers that in 2018, many teams and chain labs entered the blockchain industry. Four years later, many "fellow travelers" left early. In the past two years, affected by the epidemic, many small and medium-sized teams in the blockchain industry were also greatly affected. "I have experienced many things in recent years, but I think that in recent years, the economy of the whole world, including technology, is still developing vigorously, especially the generation and development of many applications in the blockchain encryption world, which makes me feel that this era is really good.
        People who really want to do things have countless opportunities for you to do them. " Yuan Ruijuan told "platinum guest exchange" that although she felt a lot of sadness in the middle, she felt that the experience could be experienced smoothly. The team's vision, pattern and ability were higher than before, and she could get so rich feelings, which made her feel very "happy". "I have been engaged in traditional industries, including education, real estate and incubation. I entered the blockchain industry mainly because I was faced with a new career choice at that time, and fire chain technology entrepreneurship reached a high-speed development stage. I was strongly invited to enter the industry. At that time, I was hesitant because I was too big to cross the industry, but I was very confident that I could do anything well.
        ”With this idea, yuan Ruijuan set foot in the blockchain industry. After yuan Ruijuan took charge of the business of chain environment labs, there was an obvious change in what chain environment labs did. The core lies in the generation of the concept of "partner". "Unlike in the past, now chain labs will participate in the specific operation of the project, so this year we have made an important adjustment to the core connotation of the brand of chain labs, and formally adjusted the previous three-year use of & lsquo; building an innovation factory in the blockchain field & rsquo; to & lsquo; your super partner & rsquo;.". Yuan Ruijuan introduced that "your super partner" is positioned to be a "strategic" partner of the project team. Chain labs can be a partner, shareholder, early investor of the team, or a teacher of the team or a service provider of a certain aspect. However, as a partner of the project team, chain labs should be responsible for the project results together with the project team.
        "Specifically, we should first find a project team with a high success rate. My idea is that such a team can achieve anything, or be conservative. The probability of success of this team is much higher than that of other teams." Yuan Ruijuan said that there are two ways of cooperation between the chain labs and the project team. One is that the project team has a project, and the chain labs will work with the project team to make a plan, and then decompose the plan, undertake specific work, and jointly operate the team. The chain labs is like a "partner" and will do business together with the project team. On the other hand, if the project team has no project for the time being, the chain labs will discuss and cooperate with the project team in terms of track selection, project positioning, etc.
        "For example, at present, we incubated the most successful oasis universe digital collection project. As far as this project is concerned, the project team did not do blockchain, or even cultural and creative IP. At that time, I chose to work with this team because I was very optimistic about the team's previous experience. They had experience in the financial field, cultural and creative field, and investment field, and The experience in each field has reached the top three in the industry. Such a team is very powerful, so I believe in such a team. I think this team can do this with me in the digital collection track that I am very optimistic about.
        ”Yuan Ruijuan said. In Yuan Ruijuan's view, from "innovation factory in the blockchain field" to "your super partner", it is actually a change of perspective for chain labs. "When being a super factory in the blockchain field, chain labs is more looking for projects with better early development and doing some investment activities. As a & lsquo; partner & rsquo;, chain labs and the project team should be responsible for the project results. In other words, everyone has the same goal, that is, we must do this project better. Now the perspective of chain labs is more consistent with the perspective of the project team.
        ”Yuan Ruijuan said.
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