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New regulations on wechat official account: illegal sales of digital collections will be permanently closed

Time : 03/07/2022 Author : yqif6p Click : + -
        The code of conduct of wechat public platform has added relevant provisions on digital collection trading, which clearly states that engaging in virtual currency or digital collection business is an illegal operation, and providing secondary digital collection trading services will be blocked. Digital Collection refers to the use of blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates corresponding to specific works and works of art. On the basis of protecting its digital copyright, it can realize real and reliable digital distribution, purchase, collection and use. Since the beginning of this year, the digital collection market has continued to be hot, and many products have been sold out as soon as they are released. For example, during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Bing Dwen Dwen digital blind box officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee was sold for us $99, and it was quickly sold out on the day of sale; At the beginning of March, the digital collection of limited commemorative badges launched by "talking tom cat family" IP and Baidu super chain sold out in less than half a minute.
        At the same time, Alibaba, Tencent, JD and other large Internet companies have entered the field one after another, and launched their own digital collection platforms, such as Alibaba's whale probe, Tencent's magic core, and JD's Lingxi. Many museums have also poured into the upsurge of digital collections. The cultural and creative digital collections issued by these museums are all sold out after being online for several decades. The stone tiger of Jinsha Site Museum and the pottery dog of the Eastern Han Dynasty of Sichuan Museum have become phenomenal. It is understood that the official account of the digital collection platform "nftea digital tea ticket" was closed recently, which seems to be the first time that wechat banned the official account on the ground of "secondary transaction of digital collections". According to incomplete statistics, the accounts that have been banned include artmeta digital collection, one point collection, meta universe collection, Huasheng meta, Yuanben space, Shenda digital collection, zero earth, Ibox digital collection e-commerce, onemeta and other official account.
        There is no way to verify the specific number of banned items, but it is certain that there are not a few digital collection accounts in the small program. In addition to wechat applet, Alipay and Baidu applet also have many digital collection trading accounts. Behind the explosion of digital collections, there are many complaints. It is reported that consumer complaints mainly focus on the platform's suspected speculation and bid up prices; False delivery and no refund by merchants; Data loss, stolen collection, etc. As an innovative application of blockchain technology, digital collections are of positive significance to the dissemination of excellent culture. However, due to the short time in China, the identification and regulatory standards have not been established, resulting in chaos.
        The "playing methods" of the platform for issuing digital collections are basically the same: the ways to obtain digital collections include pre-sale, auction, lottery, blind box opening, synthesis, and new user registration. Users can spend a few yuan to several hundred yuan to buy them, and the "second light" becomes the normal. The routine in the digital collection needs to be paid attention to. Some platforms first attract users with low-priced collections, and then raise the prices of some collections whose actual prices are not high. When users buy and resell at high prices, the orders are locked for a long time and cannot be successfully traded. After this heat, the prices of the collections will continue to fall, and the users will bear the losses. And businesses playing "missing" with money will also make it difficult for consumers to protect their rights.
        It is worth being vigilant that in addition to bidding up prices and false delivery, there are also many hidden dangers in the transaction security of the digital collection platform. In this regard, if consumers do not take precautions, they may be deceived and suffer damage to their rights and interests. On June 10, the people's Daily published an article saying, "in the digital age, making good use of the positive value of digital collections and keeping them away from speculation can stimulate more new driving forces and provide more choices for people's better life needs.". Pan Helin, CO director and researcher of the digital economy and financial innovation research center of the school of international business of Zhejiang University, said that the digital economy is not only a new infrastructure, but also a content filling. "The significance and development of digital collections for the cultural industry is enormous. Whether it is digital collections, digital content production, or the digitization of the cultural industry, it is actually of far-reaching significance to our future spiritual consumption.
        ”He believes that digital content production and economic system are very important components. In the process of development, if we can clarify its position, boundary and mission, and do a good job in complementing the real economy, it will bring about the effect of superposition and empowerment. He believes that "the technical basis of digital collections is the same as that of NFT (non-homogeneous token). In the short term, we should continue to restrict transactions in the secondary market, but in the long term, we should bring the property rights and transactions of digital collections into the formal supervision, check the release of digital collections by means of publication review, and determine the property rights of digital collections by means of blockchain technology.
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