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What is "blockchain" in "Tianyan reception hall | dialogue data person"? Dr. Chen Feng answers for you

Time : 13/02/2022 Author : sd58kq Click : + -
        This digital Expo is based on the new development stage, implements the new development concept, integrates into the new development pattern, and takes the annual theme of "digital intelligence changes things to make new". Among them, the emerging technology of "blockchain" will also move from the laboratory to the front stage and appear in the form of forums and booths during the digital Expo. From the "digital RMB" hotly discussed on the Internet to the daily administrative affairs of the people, from data encryption to the underlying support technology for the development of the digital economy, what is the "blockchain"? What are its basic principles and advantages, and what changes can the current development situation bring to our lives?. The production team of this issue's "Tianyan reception hall" came to Guiyang Information Technology Research Institute and invited Dr. Chen Feng, executive vice president of Guiyang Information Technology Research Institute, to answer relevant questions, unveil the mystery of "blockchain" and let the public have a clear and comprehensive understanding of this emerging technology.
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