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Blockchain: what is the most interesting news in the coin circle?

Time : 16/11/2021 Author : fxpj6h Click : + -
        3. Justin bons, founder and chief investment officer of crypto venture capital cybercapital, said in a long article on social media that Solana (SOL) has too many danger signals. He first stressed that the blockchain should never be shut down, but Solana is the only blockchain that has been shut down seven times in the past few months. In addition, the sol team claimed in April 2020 that the total circulation of tokens was 8.2 million, but actually more than 20 million, so it was suspected of blatant fraud, Moreover, a third party found an unlocked Solana wallet containing 13 million sols.
        Justin bons also said that Solana made false statements about TPS indicators, for example, the sol network was paralyzed due to the implementation of 400000 TPS. Justin bons claims that he hopes Solana can change and fix these defects. (this news is very important. I'm considering adjusting Sol's bear market forecast and position). 5. The risk director of makerdao predicted that Luna would eventually collapse in 2018. On April 20, 2018, Cyrus younessi pointed out that there were problems with Terra (LUNA) and its terrausd (USD) stable currency architecture because "single asset" support was too much. When two cryptocurrencies (stable currency and its basic token) were competing to zero, investors' panic was likely to trigger a "death spiral" mechanism.
        Cyrus younessi explained at that time: "if investors panic, Luna will fall down, and then Terra will continue to fall, and each other will perish, similar to the algorithmic stable currency nubits (usnbt) that appeared in 2016.".
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