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Software blockchain,The 2022 summer internship of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan University Students (Shanghai) blockchain ecological Valley visit and exchange activities were successfully held, and the science and Technology Association

Time : 30/12/2021 Author : nfqvyi Click : + -
        In order to vigorously support the integration of young talents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan into the national development strategy, according to the relevant work deployment of the China Association for science and technology and the Ministry of education, recently, the Shanghai Association for science and technology, in conjunction with the Municipal Education Commission and five universities including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, East China Normal University and East China University of technology, organized the 2022 summer internship activities for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students (Shanghai). The Municipal Association for science and technology has given full play to the advantages of scientific and technological associations and overcome the impact of the epidemic. It has meticulously implemented internship units and posts for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan University Students Participating in summer internships. Meanwhile, it has carefully arranged a series of colorful research and study visits and exchange activities. On August 4, with the support of Shanghai computer society, the Shanghai project team organized interns to visit and exchange activities in the Shibei block chain ecological valley of Shanghai computer software technology development center (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Software Center).
        Cai Lizhi and song Jundian, two deputy directors of Shanghai Software Center, warmly received the students, led them to visit the blockchain ecological Valley, and had discussions with them to share their experiences. The students first visited the exhibition hall of the blockchain ecological Valley, listened to the introduction of the global blockchain situation awareness and verification platform, and dynamically understood the blockchain related applications such as the Chinese medicine prescription circulation supervision platform, Jing'an sports public welfare distribution system, the electronic storage platform of the Huicun blockchain, the real-time traceability information of the Yangtze River Delta food safety traceability alliance, and the blockchain education platform. Subsequently, the students watched the interview video of deputy director Cai Lizhi's work in assisting youth in 2019. Through the difficulties, challenges and achievements he encountered during his temporary work in Xining big data service administration, they had a preliminary understanding of the developed areas in the mainland (mainland) helping the relatively backward areas, carrying out poverty alleviation through science and technology, and climbing the digital development peak.
        During the forum, deputy director Cai Lizhi encouraged the students to walk and see more on the land of the motherland, experience the connection between the construction of the motherland and the development of science and technology, and feel the great achievements of the construction of the motherland. Song Jundian, deputy director, focused on self-knowledge, analyzing self advantages and disadvantages, and positioning his career; Challenge yourself, overcome subconscious cognition, and constantly improve yourself in learning; Positioning himself, daring to challenge different jobs, realizing personal value and career value. Taking his own education and work experience as an example, he advocates students to realize the unity of personal value and social value. During the exchange, the two experts answered the students' questions.
        Deputy director Cai Lizhi answered in detail the questions raised by the students on the learning content and practical operation of software engineering from the professional perspective. Deputy director Song Jundian responded to the students' questions from the aspects of self-study, review of academic papers and peer communication, and guided them how to acquire knowledge through multiple channels outside the classroom. The wonderful sharing of the two experts made the students feel very benefited. I believe that this exchange activity is beneficial to the students to establish a correct learning concept and plan their own career planning.
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