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Time : 28/06/2022 Author : zqamb6 Click : + -
        The State Administration of Taxation and Shenzhen Taxation Bureau opened the wechat payment platform and launched the "wechat payment blockchain electronic invoice" function. In October this year, wechat payment electronic blockchain invoice has been piloted in some merchants in Shenzhen. This official launch means that all merchants who open wechat payment in Shenzhen can log in to their wechat payment merchant platform and directly open the blockchain electronic invoice function. Development of blockchain official website. The judicial blockchain of the Internet court is online, and the electronic evidence stored on the chain has legal effect. Hangzhou court used the blockchain to adopt key evidence, which was used by a technology company in Shenzhen for a website, and the technology company became the defendant. Based on the first demonstration vertical content social DAPP on the public chain of ulord, it is the world's first decentralized experience value sharing platform based on the public chain of ulord.
        While creating, sharing and disseminating experience value, you will receive corresponding rewards to stimulate value creation and form a virtuous circle of content ecology. Ant financial announced the first online mutual aid project "mutual insurance" mutual aid. Shanghai 5-year-old girl's serious illness mutual aid received 300000 yuan. For all participants, for example, each person will share 0 to 03 yuan on average. In addition to the details of the case, in order to ensure the openness and transparency of the information, the publicity also released medical diagnosis certificates, discharge summaries, operation records and other information, and stored the data on the blockchain. Blockchain + Intelligent Manufacturing Alibaba, JD, IBM and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have started to set foot in the blockchain + intelligent manufacturing business.
        IBM cooperated with blue ocean camel to build a blockchain + foreign trade supply chain intelligent platform. Alibaba cloud launched its own enterprise level blockchain service baas (blockchainasaservice), JD blockchain service platform Zhizhen chain, and so on.
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