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The first BSN Global Technology Innovation Summit roundtable discussion: blockchain technology innovation and Application

Time : 31/12/2021 Author : 56cz1n Click : + -
        On November 27, 2020, at the first blockchain service network BSN global technology innovation and Development Summit held in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Ma Xiaojun, CTO of Beijing Hongzao technology, Wang Honglong, vice president of entropy chain technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd., Zhou Miao, CEO of chain square, Shen Hong, chief solution architect of AWS China's blockchain industry, and Kong Qingyang, chief operating officer of Xita Technology launched a round table discussion on blockchain technology innovation and application. Dear leaders and distinguished guests, thank you very much for sitting here and listening. Besides our live guests, there are also our CCTV live broadcast, China Mobile live broadcast and live broadcast. At the same time, many online listeners are still listening.
        Today, I am very moved because I think there are two outstanding characteristics of this meeting today. I think the first characteristic you must have realized is the gathering of gods. Today, we are an online and offline thought feast. Another outstanding feature is that the beginning of today is the last link of one woman. We also have two women, so we call ourselves the flowers on the chain. Next, I will preside over this discussion for you. I am Tan min, the host of today. Thank you very much for coming to our BSN Technology Innovation Summit in Wuhan. Today, we have invited five guests to discuss the blockchain technology innovation and application with me. This morning, the chairman of the BSN alliance and all guests in the afternoon introduced BSN.
        What is BSN? BSN is not a chain but a large environment. Well, today, we invited the representatives of BSN to our site. I would like to invite them to introduce themselves. First of all, let's welcome Mr. Ma from the BSN operation and maintenance environment to make an introduction. Ma Xiaojun: Hello, I'm Ma Xiaojun from jujube science and technology. As a member of the BSN alliance and one of the four sponsors, Beijing jujube technology is mainly engaged in the technical R & D, operation and maintenance management of China Network and international network on BSN. Our main work includes the adaptation and integration of the underlying framework of BSN, the operation and maintenance management system, the BSN portal, the R & D and operation and maintenance of the cross chain communication hub, the BSN private network, and the deployment of urban nodes.
        In addition, we have also done some docking research and development with the BSN urban node management system of the design institute and the BSN basic service management system of China UnionPay. Beijing jujube will also participate in the operation and management of the BSN official website portal and the technical support of developers. Shen Hong: Hello, everyone. I'm very happy to be a member of the BSN ecosystem and a representative of the cloud service provider to have some discussions with you. I am Shen Hong, a solution architect from AWS Amazon cloud computing, who serves our blockchain industry. In the BSN ecology, we actually talked about many cloud related and infrastructure related issues in the meeting today. In fact, AWS is very familiar to everyone in our entire cloud computing field. During the construction of BSN, we provided a lot of infrastructure support, including network, computing, storage and other resources. In the global operation promotion of BSN, We also use about 7 regions of AWS to provide this network access to some BSN customers in the world and countries at home and abroad.
        Moderator: Thank you very much, Mr. Shen. It can be said that BSN can not go international without the support of AWS. Our docking with AWS is on the third day of the first month of this year. It is also the first time that I met with President Shen Hong today. Although our entire BSN has cooperated with him to go to six continents in the world, it is also the first time that we meet offline. Next, let's invite our Xita technology to introduce to you on behalf of our underlying framework. Kong Qingyang: Hello, everyone. I am very happy to come to this grand meeting held by BSN in Wuhan today. I have also learned the evolution of some new technologies and applications of many friends and BSN.
        I'd like to introduce myself first. I'm Kong Qingyang from Xita technology. Our company is a company headquartered in Hangzhou that specializes in blockchain underlying technology services. It has a deep relationship with BSN. At the end of the year, we had contact with Mr. He. Because our company has maintained its own blockchain infrastructure since 2016, called Xita CITA. Based on this architecture, we also opened it in 2017, In order to first adhere to the multi-party consensus of the blockchain and solve the trust, the code is open source. Second, we also hope that more companies in the industry can use this technology to make their own products, and we can also receive more feedback, so as to polish our products and promote the progress of the industry.
        Last year, I also learned that BSN is an open source and very open organization, and it also has very strong strength. Therefore, we are also very happy to cooperate with BSN and join the BSN ecosystem as the first low-level technology framework provider. Today, I have met with the leaders and architects and technicians of BSN for a long time. Many of them are the first time to meet today, so I am very happy. Based on our company's own open source technology, we also assist our development companies or some business companies in other industries in business to take blockchain as an enabling technology. Without changing its existing business or its existing technology stack, we add blockchain to its products to better serve their customers, To bring more value to their products.
        Host: OK, thank you. Next, let's invite Mr. Wang of Fujian entropy chain technology to introduce to us on behalf of the portal. The so-called portal is the backbone network that we released in Hubei today. Last month, they released the backbone network of Fujian at the digital summit in Fujian. Wang Honglong: Thank Secretary General tan. Hello, I am Wang Honglong, the partner of entropy chain technology. Entropy chain technology is the chairman unit of Fujian blockchain Association. At the same time, we have been committed to the whole cognitive education and training of blockchain since 17 years, including the development and research of some blockchain applications. It is a great honor to pass the review and license of our BSN Development Alliance in September this year and obtain the qualification of Fujian BSN backbone network operator, It has undertaken the whole structure of "one portal and three centers" in Fujian Province. The first portal is the portal of BSN Fujian backbone network, and the third center is the construction of a system such as BSN training center, operation center and incubation center.
        At the same time, we are working together with the three major operators in Fujian Province to develop and promote the implementation of enterprise blockchain applications in the whole Fujian Province. Thank you. Moderator: OK. Finally, let's welcome our flower on the chain. Why did I arrange her to be introduced at the end? Because we are all serving him, let's welcome President Zhou Miao to introduce himself. Zhou Miao: Thank you all. I'm Zhou Miao from chainsquare technology. I'm Miao from three waters. In fact, I usually speak with a strong personality of girls in the north. But today, I can only pretend to be gentle when talking about flowers on the chain. Do you think my voice is still gentle? Thank you. We must remember that there are three flowers on the chain in our BSN. The first one must always be remembered is our Secretary General Tan min. Mr. Tan's requirements to all people are that entering BSN is not to earn fame and profits, but to make efforts and to go out without paying tribute.
        Therefore, all of us here are here to serve you. Another flower must have a chance to see me in the future. Let's sell it first. Our company is called chain square technology, mainly for application. In fact, I am a technical idiot. What I do is, for example, like Mr. Ma and our CTO, they always make people feel confused and hard to understand, right? We are responsible for translating them into something that everyone can understand. If you can't understand what they say, come to us. We always have a way to make you understand. This is also a problem we encounter when we are doing applications. Our company is mainly engaged in the application of several fields, the most important of which is finance. We also talked about supply chain finance this morning. We have used blockchain technology in supply chain finance to lend nearly 800 million to small, medium and micro enterprises.
        According to the latest data so far, all the 800 million loans I have seen in the past year or so are for small, medium and micro enterprises, and each enterprise loan may range from 300000 to 1.5 million. So far, there is no single bad debt. Let's compare the bad debt rate of inclusive financial loans for small, medium and micro enterprises in the white paper of the people's Bank of China with 5.9%. I believe this must be beautified. So far, we have not had a bad debt of 0%. For the second application, we mainly do some government affairs applications, such as xiong'an new area. The first blockchain applications of xiong'an group are all provided by us as technical support to link these applications.
        These are the foundations. After we have these foundations, we can develop more applications to enrich the whole ecology. Joining the BSN family is still very open and convenient. At that time, it was very difficult for us to join. In April last year, our colleagues from jujube technology and mobile found us. We had gone through six months and four strict audits. They approved 197 blockchain companies filed by the Ministry of information technology. After four rounds of elimination and discussion, we had technical exchanges with each other, including verification, including actual landing, before we really joined this big family.
        So it's a great honor to be here today to attend this grand meeting and meet you. thank you. Moderator: today is indeed a feast of thoughts. Let me know Zhou Miao here today. He is always so gentle. He speaks loudly and grandly. Like me, he speaks very loudly and quickly. Today, he is very gentle. In fact, I have been thinking about it. Just now, President Zhou Miao also introduced that BSN alliance is a working alliance. That is, if you join in, first of all, what can you do for BSN? Second, what business model can you find in the BSN environment? In fact, this issue is a question that we have been thinking about from beginning to end.
        Before joining BSN, everyone had a very complete business system. In particular, companies like Amazon are global and I admire them very much. Why are you willing to cooperate with BSN?. Shen Hong: let me first tell you my thoughts. We all know that Amazon has accumulated a lot of experience in the cloud computing industry, and we support cloud implementation in many industries. Just now president Zhou also mentioned that some of their applications in the financial industry are based on BSN. We also have many financial applications on AWS cloud. In fact, we know very well what possibilities and requirements an application like this has for its computing platform, and the requirements for its business continuity are very high.
        In fact, AWS has accumulated many aspects in its operation and maintenance experience over the years. In fact, we have summarized these experiences into various practices, that is, best practices, and handed them to our customers. In fact, this is what we mentioned to President Ma in this communication. We hope that BSN will do some cloud native transformation based on the cloud, These cloud native transformations actually help our customers to do cloud adaptation oriented, higher availability, higher cost optimization, and more efficient and optimized application deployment. At the same time, we have learned a lot from our customers. For example, BSN is not only our customer but also our partner, because their customers are also AWS customers. In fact, from this perspective, it helps AWS expand the dimension of our customer service.
        On the other hand, BSN's insights in the blockchain industry provide AWS with many insights in this industry, which is also what AWS learned from BSN in our cooperation. Zhou Miao: before I answer this question, I would like to share with you a failure case. I think we talk about the success cases of shining people on the stage every day. In fact, you may have more feelings when you listen to our failure cases. Last year, we lost a project in Shenzhen. This project is quite large. The client Party A is a well-known central enterprise in Shenzhen. Finally, the project was discussed for 4 months, and the bid could not be opened. Finally, the project was settled.
        Why? It is because Party A has encountered great difficulties in selecting the bottom layer. They have several pain points. Which bottom layer does my business run on? Who developed the underlying chain? How can I be trusted? How do I choose the bottom floor? Can I trust you at the bottom of any enterprise? What if this enterprise does not exist in the future? Can my bottom layer be connected with other bottom layers? I have 4 funders and 4 bottom level partners. Who are they working with? Is there anyone who can help me integrate these four bottom layers? All the problems can not be solved. This is the project we lost at the beginning of last year. Finally, Party A said, "forget it, I decided not to do it. I will do business offline and online first.".
        As for the issue of blockchain, when there is a unified standard, when the country really promotes it. So it's really a pity for us. The project is very good and the future prospects are very good, but it's not at the right time. In fact, you will know why we must join BSN when you hear here and hear some difficult problems of Party A I just mentioned. In fact, BSN has solved all the problems, whether it is a real region or a large group. What kind of architecture will it ultimately fall on for the application of blockchain? Is it open? Can I have multiple choices? Do I have the right to choose on my own in the cloud, portal, private network and so on? When one of the underlying chains maintained by a certain company breaks down or disappears or has problems, do I have the opportunity to switch to another chain? Is it possible to accommodate and merge? These are actually the core practical problems encountered in application development.
        Therefore, after joining BSN, I think we have given the most ideal integrated solution. Therefore, we firmly support the healthy development of the whole BSN, and the achievement of BSN will bring more convenience and openness to everyone. The more open it is, the better the future will be, because all cooperation is better than confrontation. thank you. Host: OK, thank you, Mr. Zhou. It is a sentence of BSN. Take your smart contract with you. We can solve any business problem that needs blockchain technology. Next, let's welcome Mr. Kong. Kong Qingyang: I very much agree with what President Zhou said just now. On the one hand, joining BSN involves the participation of such standards, and on the other hand, we contribute technology to BSN. BSN also gives us standards. In this way, it will bring great advantages in the operation of some large projects, as well as in government enterprises or industrial Internet.
        There is another point that I would like to add. Personally, I have learned about blockchain technology since 2014-15. I can say that I have been witnessing blockchain technology since the beginning. Whether it is a development at home or abroad, this year it seems that the blockchain is actually a government
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