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Full summary of the filing list of blockchain information services in the medical and health field

Time : 20/11/2021 Author : qgb7jn Click : + -
        Recently, according to the regulations on the management of blockchain information services, the state Cyber Information Office released the names and filing numbers of 348 domestic blockchain information services in the ninth batch. Several of these projects involve the medical and health field, as follows:. On February 15, 2019, the "Regulations on the management of blockchain information services" was formally implemented. The state network information office organized the filing and review according to law and regulations. From March 2019 to now, the state network information office has released a total of eight batches of domestic blockchain information service names and record number lists. The wechat office reported that the filing is only the registration of the relevant information of the main blockchain information service, and does not represent the recognition of its institutions, products and services. No institution or individual may be used for any commercial purpose.
        In the future, the network information department will work with relevant departments to supervise and inspect the subject of record keeping according to the administrative provisions, and urge the subject of record keeping not to fulfill the obligation of record keeping as soon as possible.
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