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Jian Xingfu, chairman of Chuankai group, attended the blockchain seminar and delivered a speech

Time : 15/09/2021 Author : xgs0jm Click : + -
        →& rarr; This website (Wang Wenhua) Sichuan news on the morning of September 28, "the tradition is still in the future & mdash; & mdash; in the next 20 years, holding hands with the blockchain and dancing with the digital economy" Sichuan development group blockchain special activity was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the group. Experts in the blockchain field, middle and senior management cadres of the group and its subsidiaries gathered together to learn and discuss the blockchain technology development and market prospects& rarr;& rarr; Jian Xingfu, chairman of the group company, attended the event and delivered a speech. Chairman Jian pointed out that the middle and senior management cadres of the group and its subsidiaries must take the initiative to strengthen the study and research of blockchain technology, get familiar with basic knowledge, deeply understand the opportunities and challenges of the information age, establish and strengthen network thinking, and prepare for the future market layout of the group company.
        →& rarr; In this special lecture, the group specially invited Mr. Xing Qingke, a Bachelor of management from the Central University of Finance and economics, a master of professional accounting from the Guanghua School of management of Peking University, and the first vice president of the Beijing blockchain Technology Application Association. Mr. Xing Qingke is the editorial board member of the financial technology Blue Book: China's financial technology development report 2018, China's blockchain development report 2019, and China's blockchain development report 2020, He has extensive research and unique insights in the digital economy field such as blockchain& rarr;& rarr; With the theme of "the tradition is still in the future & mdash; & mdash; in the next 20 years, hold hands with the blockchain and dance with the digital economy", Mr. Xing gave special lectures focusing on the current situation of the traditional market, the development trend of the digital economy, the interpretation of national policies and other aspects. Starting from the basic concept of the blockchain, he led everyone to clarify the essential value of the blockchain and further explored how the blockchain can integrate with other digital technologies, And the market application prospect in the next 20 years.
        It explained the origin and definition of blockchain, blockchain technology, blockchain application and other aspects in detail, provided a wonderful special training course for the popularization of blockchain technology for middle and senior management cadres of the group and its subsidiaries, and laid a foundation for the group's further exploration and layout in the digital economy market.
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