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Wanxiang blockchain international week documentary 2017: the dawn of the East is coming

Time : 24/02/2022 Author : dgjtrv Click : + -
        The blockchain technology in 2017 has become the focus of the new technology revolution, with some momentum of today's "meta universe". Both blockchain practitioners and innovators of traditional industries are keenly aware that blockchain technology may become the core underlying technology of the future world, but they never know how to implement this technology. Just like if there is a little inspiration, you can feel it, but you can't find a suitable form to show it. At this time, it is more necessary to break through the superficial ostentation, pay attention to the core value of the blockchain, and precipitate technical strength to solve the pain points of the industry and society. Therefore, Wanxiang blockchain lab held the third blockchain global summit with the theme of "blockchain new economy: breaking the dawn", focusing on the latest progress of domestic and foreign blockchain technology development and application exploration. It invited world-renowned project leaders and technical experts to share the mainstream underlying technologies, application scenarios and development trends of the blockchain industry, and discussed the regulatory policies and investment trends in the blockchain field.
        Vitalikbuterin, founder of Ethereum / chief scientist of Wanxiang blockchain laboratory, Nick Szabo, father of smart contracts, Dominic Williams, chief scientist of dfinity, jaekwon, founder of cosmos project, Bai Shuo, former chief engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange / Chairman of chinaledger Technical Committee, etc. shared and discussed the present and future of blockchain with you. At the same time, the third blockchain global summit also invited Ma Zhitao, vice president and chief information officer of Weizhong bank, Yuko hehe, head of fintech center of Bank of Japan, Alex batlin, head of global emerging business and technology and blockchain business of New York Mellon, founder of overstock and CEO Patrick Byrne and other representative enterprises in various industries to discuss the value and spark of the combination of blockchain and their own industries.
        In 2017, Shanghai Wanxiang blockchain Co., Ltd. was officially established. Based on the technical research and accumulation of Wanxiang blockchain laboratory in the past two years, Wanxiang blockchain, as a link between technical research and industrial application, has realized the application of blockchain technology in the real industry, just like the dawn, bringing new ideas to the combination of blockchain technology and traditional industries. In December of the same year, Wanxiang blockchain supply chain financial service platform was officially launched. It effectively disclosed the underlying real trade information based on blockchain technology, and realized the innovative application of asset confirmation by using cryptography technology. It became a typical case of blockchain technology serving the real economy.
        Wanxiang blockchain has a long way to go. With the original intention of applying blockchain technology only in the most needed and suitable places, Wanxiang blockchain has continuously explored the path of blockchain service for social and economic development for many years, and has successfully landed in multiple industries and scenarios such as digital collections, double carbon, digital biological assets, quality traceability, cross-border trade, and trusted warehouse receipts.
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