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Press conference, the conference opened on the 27th!

Time : 16/02/2022 Author : uyxhmj Click : + -
        On July 25, the Information Office of Chongqing Municipal People's government held a press conference for the 2022 China industrial software conference, introducing the relevant situation. Photo by Gong Haoyue at the press conference. Huang Xiaoming introduced that the 2022 China industrial software conference, as one of the specific activities to implement the "all stars" action plan for the software and information service industry, will be opened at the Yangtze River Hall of Chongqing Yuzhou Hotel on July 27, 2022. Huang Xiaoming introduces the relevant situation. (Photo by Gong Haoyue). With the theme of "digital driven transformation of software enabled manufacturing", the conference is positioned as a comprehensive activity of the national industrial software industry, and people from all walks of life, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known experts and scholars, key enterprises in the industrial chain, government leaders, etc., are invited to attend.
        At that time, the guests will carry out in-depth exchanges on hot topics such as the strategic layout of the industrial software industry, technology innovation and application, industrial integration and development, share the practical results of industrial software innovation and development, discuss new opportunities, seek new cooperation and promote new development. Photo by Zhang kunkun, Internet Industrial Park, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing. ① The linkage specifications of ministries and cities are high. The conference is hosted by the Organizing Committee of China International Intelligent Industry Expo, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the people's Government of Chongqing. It is organized by Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, Chongqing Investment Promotion Bureau, and Chongqing Yuzhong District People's government. It is committed to building the most influential industrial exchange platform in the field of industrial software at home and abroad.
        ② The theme is clear and the intention is deep. This conference continues the vein of the first "strengthening industrial software and deepening digital transformation". With the theme of "software enabled manufacturing and digital driven transformation", it will continue to strengthen the direction of digital industrialization and industrial digitization. In combination with the new characteristics of industrial development, it will strengthen the research and development of technology and application innovation, speed up the high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing industry, and help Chongqing to build a "smart manufacturing town" and a "smart city". ③ Outstanding professional level. The conference invited Li Peigen, Chen Xi, Yang Huayong, Ma Yushan and other academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 30 well-known experts and scholars in the field of industrial software, and more than 100 key enterprises in the field of industrial software to jointly make suggestions and suggestions for the development of the industrial software industry in the whole country and the whole city, exchange opportunities and develop cooperation.
        ④ Pay attention to the effect and content. The conference includes meetings, exhibitions, discussions and government enterprise interactions, namely, the main forum of the conference (including the opening ceremony, project signing, expert forum, authoritative release, enterprise forum, ecological cooperation declaration, etc.), which gathers 18 key enterprises' industrial software thematic exhibitions, industrial software technology development and ecological cooperation, industrial software enabled automobile digital transformation and other thematic forums, carries out a series of government enterprise exchanges and interactions, and signs a number of key projects. Yubei Xiantao international big data Valley Yubei Xiantao international big data valley. According to Huang Xiaoming, Yuzhong District promotes the rapid development of software and information service industry based on industrial software. Up to now, more than 400000 square meters of core carriers of software and information service industry have been put into use, more than 2500 software enterprises and nearly 40000 software employees have been gathered, and well-known academicians have been employed as the chief development consultant of industrial software. In 2021, the software business income of the whole district will exceed 26 billion yuan, and the comprehensive pilot city of national blockchain innovation and application will be successfully established National secret related special information equipment application demonstration base, Chongqing Industrial Software Industrial Park, and Chongqing Industrial Design headquarters base.
        Provided by the Management Committee of petrochemicals of Chongqing Central District, Chongqing headquarters. Luo Yi introduced that Yuzhong District conscientiously implemented the "all stars" action plan of Chongqing's software and information service industry in accordance with the arrangement and deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the development of software and information service industry, continued to strengthen factor support, created a large-scale environment of software and information service industry, and made efforts to develop the software and information service industry, promote innovation, entrepreneurship and creation, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Luo Yi introduces relevant information. (Photo by Gong Haoyue). ① Carrier space guarantee. Create Chongqing software world. Relying on the existing core carrier of 400000 square meters of software and information service industry, Yuzhong will speed up the acquisition and storage of buildings. According to the cascade chain system of "incubator accelerator characteristic industrial park headquarters base", Yuzhong will create industrial carriers by classification, and provide policy support in terms of housing rent by classification.
        For the existing buildings of state-owned enterprises in the District, the rent cost of software enterprises will be controlled at 15 yuan / square meter / month according to the location, property and other conditions; 40 yuan / square meter / month, so that enterprises can "light up" and innovate and start businesses. For the existing buildings of other market entities, if the owners intend to build a software building industrial park, the government will inject industrial operation resources and provide certain financial support to the owners in terms of building renovation and rent. ② Capital factor guarantee. Focusing on the whole life cycle of software enterprises in the "seed stage – startup stage – growth stage – maturity stage", enterprises and financial institutions are encouraged to participate in the establishment of government investment funds for software and information services based on the existing industry guidance equity investment funds and innovation and entrepreneurship guidance funds, giving play to the leading and driving role of state-owned capital, and leveraging social capital such as angel investment, venture capital (VC) and private equity investment (PE), Marketization creates "fund jungle".
        We will encourage and support financial institutions to tailor financial service plans for software enterprises that have settled in existing buildings, innovate financial products and services, and increase credit loans for knowledge value and commercial value. We will encourage software enterprises to directly raise funds in the capital market, improve efficiency and enhance effectiveness, and help enterprises to go public and innovate. ③ Professional management and operation. Based on the development characteristics of software and information service industry, Yuzhong will build a "chain leader system" and "chain leader system" with department leaders as "chain leaders", leading enterprises as "chain masters" and "specialized, special and new" enterprises as "chain cores", build a software talent service system integrating software talent recruitment, headhunting, training, outsourcing, management and other business forms, adopt the "management committee + company" operation mode, and introduce professional, market-oriented Enterprise oriented software and information service industry operation and management team, strengthen enterprise services, build industrial ecology, and enhance development quality and efficiency.
        Provided by the Management Committee of petrochemicals of Chongqing Central District, Chongqing headquarters. Zhao Gang introduced that industrial software is known as the brain and nerve of industrial manufacturing and the core of manufacturing informatization. Zhao Gang introduced the relevant situation. (Photo by Gong Haoyue). From the perspective of industrial trends, as the global "traditional manufacturing" accelerates the transformation and upgrading to "intelligent manufacturing", industrial software is becoming the core basic tool of intelligent manufacturing. Major industrial countries in the world are vigorously developing industrial software. From the perspective of national strategy, it is proposed in the outline of the "14th five year plan" to speed up the filling of the shortcomings of basic software and cultivate and expand the level of key software industry, including industrial software. As far as Chongqing is concerned, Chongqing is the national advanced manufacturing center. Under the guidance of national strategy and policy support, the advantages and opportunities for Chongqing to develop industrial software are mainly shown in:.
        ① It has a complete digital infrastructure. Chongqing is a top-level node city of national industrial Internet logo analysis, a demonstration area of integrated development of industrial Internet in Chengdu and Chongqing, with leading 5g network coverage and high-level data center, a large number of shared data and strong computing power support, which will be conducive to industrial knowledge, mechanism model and technology precipitation, and will be conducive to enabling digital transformation of enterprises and integration and innovation of industrial software. ② It has rich application scenarios. Chongqing covers 39 of the 41 industrial categories in the country and is known as the "hundred flower garden" of industrial categories. Manufacturing enterprises are widely distributed in the industry, with a large number of users and a strong demand for intelligent transformation. The industrial software application scenarios focusing on the automobile, electronics, equipment, energy and other industries will continue to open, which will provide the best test samples, the broadest application scenarios and the broadest market space for industrial software.
        ③ It has a superior industrial ecology. For a long time, the Chongqing municipal Party committee and government have attached great importance to the development of software and information service industry. In particular, the "full sky star" action plan of Chongqing software and information service industry released on July 19, Chongqing will further plan the industrial layout, expand the site bearing space, cultivate and expand the market main body, strengthen talent introduction and training, and strive to create the most favorable and sustainable industrial environment and policy environment for industrial software enterprises. ① Give prominence to places. With the digital economy industrial park of Chongqing headquarters and Hualongqiao international business district as the core, the "Chongqing software world" will be built in accordance with the principle of "one core and multiple points", and 700000 square meters of stock carriers will be newly expanded. The transformation and upgrading of old buildings will be strengthened, and the environment of "taking a bag to move in" will be created. The entry process will be simplified, and the rental cost of software enterprises will be controlled by classification and classification, so as to enable enterprises to "go to the battle light" and innovate and start businesses.
        ② Highlight the scene. We will adhere to the combination of software and hardware, encourage local software enterprises to provide software technology services for manufacturing industries such as automobile, electronics, equipment and energy, promote the digital transformation of advantageous industries such as finance, commerce, culture and tourism, and roll out the list of software application scenarios and the "unveiling the leader" project for technological breakthroughs, improve the first software application policy, and accelerate the implementation and application of local new technologies, new products and new services. ③ Give prominence to enterprises. We will adhere to the principle of focusing on the large without letting go of the small and integrating the large, medium and small, introduce policies to promote the development of the software and information service industry, target the world's top 100 IT enterprises and the national top 100 software business income enterprises, carry out door-to-door investment, precision investment, and professional investment, introduce a number of leading enterprises, industry leaders, and key enterprises in subdivided fields, and accelerate the promotion of enterprise clusters and industrial chains.
        ④ We should focus on talent. Yuzhong will make good use of the "golden twelve" policy for talents, establish a talent development fund for software and information service industry, and accurately introduce software talents, skilled artisans and technology R & D teams at different levels. Build a platform for exchange and cooperation between schools and enterprises, unblock the channels for the cultivation and transmission of software talents between schools and enterprises, encourage enterprises, scientific research institutes, training institutions and other joint universities to jointly build a new type of software engineering college and a characteristic demonstration software college, create a national level digital economy high skilled talents training base, a municipal level software talents Human Resources Industrial Park, and build a demonstration area of "integration of industry and talents". ⑤ Give prominence to the mechanism. We will improve the coordination mechanism for promoting the high-quality development of software and information service industries at the two levels in the urban area, solve the difficulties in the development of enterprises in a timely manner, enhance the sense of gain of enterprises, and ensure that they can be recruited, retained and developed well.
        Establish a communication mechanism between government, bank, school and enterprise, introduce professional, market-oriented and enterprise oriented software and information service industry operation and management teams, regularly hold supply and demand docking activities such as software enterprise talents and financing, and accurately link more resources to settle down for development. Next, Yuzhong District will gather three advantageous and characteristic industries, namely, industrial software, information innovation and blockchain, vigorously develop other digital industries, and build a "3 + X" software and information service industry system that is innovation driven, collaborative, open and competitive. Luo Yi introduced that blockchain is an important new generation of information infrastructure technology. With the strong support of relevant national ministries and commissions and municipal departments, since 2016, Yuzhong District has raised a banner to develop the blockchain industry, focusing on building mechanisms, emphasizing recruitment and education, strengthening publicity, and focusing on applications, and focusing on building a blockchain application ecosystem. The comprehensive competitiveness of the blockchain industry ranks first in the country.
        Last year, Yuzhong District was selected as one of the first batch of comprehensive pilot cities for national blockchain innovation and application with the second place in the country. Under the guidance of relevant municipal departments, based on the advantages of the modern service industry, docking with the national strategy, adhering to multi cross industry collaboration, integration and innovation, and reflecting the characteristics, Yuzhong District deeply carried out cross industry, cross regional and interconnected blockchain applications, and the urban area jointly created 28 demonstration scenarios for blockchain innovation and application. In addition, the district Party committee and the district government attach great importance to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the blockchain industry, promote the establishment of a special class for the linkage development of the blockchain industry in the urban area, and promulgate the promotion measures for the development of the blockchain industry. They have gathered a number of outstanding projects such as the blockchain talent training center, the blockchain service network, the mountain chain infrastructure, the provident fund information sharing alliance chain, and so on Platforms and teams.
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