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Member Pang Da's speech on behalf of the provincial Party committee of Jiusan Society: promoting the modernization of Longjiang river management with blockchain and other new generation information technologies

Time : 25/06/2022 Author : 2am08g Click : + -
        The Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5g, blockchain and other new generation information technologies based on data are playing an increasingly important role in the process of national governance modernization. To cope with the "double-edged sword" attribute of blockchain technology, we need to improve the ability and level of applying the new generation of information technology. For this reason, I suggest:. 1、 Eliminate data barriers and promote digital government. We will strengthen leadership, top-level design and overall planning, with one leader in charge, one specialized agency in charge, one team in charge of outsourcing technology and one set of plans for overall promotion. Further optimize the province's unified identity authentication platform and real name authentication system, realize mutual recognition and exchange of identity information, and promote "one-time authentication, all network access".
        Promote the application of electronic signatures across fields, levels and regions, and promote the paperless handling of the whole process of licensing matters. Break down data barriers, eliminate "information islands", realize common maintenance and utilization of government data across regions, departments and industries, and promote collaborative business processing; Actively track the introduction and application of national digital currency, innovate and improve the operation and management mode of the financial industry in our province; We will open up data exchange channels for public security, finance, taxation, social security and other departments, improve the credit system of individual citizens and enterprise legal persons, and create a brand-new government service platform that is vertically connected without disconnection, horizontally connected without blind spots, and with sound and non lax mechanisms; Make the "all saving" app service more "comprehensive" and work more "saving", and improve the efficiency of administrative governance.
        2、 Eliminate capacity panic and do a good job in popularization and application. Starting from dolls, carry out artificial intelligence curriculum reform experiments in primary and secondary schools. Starting from the industry, we will actively support enterprises to develop "light products" and "light industries" with the new generation of information technology such as blockchain. While promoting the modernization of governance, we will find and cultivate a number of industry leaders and high-level innovation teams that can take root and serve Longjiang. Starting with cadres, we will expand the learning contents of central groups at all levels, constantly enhance the ability of cadres and people at all levels to apply blockchain and other new generation information technologies and control the risks of new technologies, accelerate the formation of high-level "experts" in decision-making, cadres at all levels "know" and people from all walks of life, and jointly participate in the governance of Longjiang river.
        3、 Eliminate obstacles to cooperation and integrate advantageous resources. Coordinate the foundation and advantages of universities and scientific research institutes, build a "new generation information technology collaborative innovation center of Heilongjiang Province" that can optimize and integrate innovation forces in all aspects, take the lead in making breakthroughs in core technologies, promote the deep integration of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other technologies, and promote the application of new generation information technology in multiple fields and scenarios in the construction of "six strong provinces" in Heilongjiang Province, Enhance the "attraction of career future" of Heilongjiang Province, attract and retain high-end talents, jointly promote the modernization of governance system and governance capacity, and realize the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang.
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