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Woz, co-founder of apple: blockchain hype is similar to the Internet foam

Time : 09/02/2022 Author : gzf5we Click : + -
        Netease technology news on June 27, according to US media reports, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of apple and the famous bitcoin investor, said that the hype surrounding the blockchain was very similar to the situation in the network foam period at the beginning of this century. In that era, many companies went bankrupt quickly. "That's a foam," Wozniak said at the nex Technology Conference in New York on Tuesday. "I also have this feeling about blockchain." He reminded the audience that a large part of the companies that promised to do life changing business on the Internet quickly went bankrupt. However, he said that blockchain technology has practical application potential because it is "decentralized and completely trustworthy".
        But like the Internet, it takes longer to meet the expectations of early speculation. Wozniak said: "if you look at the present, you will say that all Internet things have happened. We understand this, but it took a little time. This can not be realized in a day. Many good blockchain concepts that emerged in the early days may be exhausted if they are not prepared for long-term stable operation." Bitcoin is the first application of the blockchain, but the technology is also applied to numerous other aspects. Blockchain can record transactions on open and distributed accounts. Supporters say that transactions are faster and more secure, and often do not need a third party. Wozniak believes that Ethereum may surpass the hype because of its use cases and its ability to allow programmers to build their own related projects.
        Ethereum is the name of the foundation that produces the digital token Ethereum. It first launched Ethereum when it developed the financing activities of the Ethereum platform. Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase and other companies are developing the use of Ethereum blockchain. Although bitcoin, which Wozniak calls digital gold, has fallen by more than 50% this year, he thinks it is still "very amazing". Wozniak once bought a lot of bitcoins, but when the bitcoin price was close to $20000, he sold all but one. When he first bought bitcoin, he said he hoped to travel without cash or credit card one day. He said: "once bitcoin suddenly fell and then rose to the sky. I was afraid. I sold all bitcoins and only kept one.
        ”。 Wozniak also proposed the idea of using blockchain for social networks and becoming a competitor of Facebook. He said that Facebook is monopolizing and the time for subversion is ripe. As the winner of today's Toutiao Qingyun plan and baijiahao + plan, the author of the year of Baidu digital in 2019, the most popular author in the field of baijiahao science and technology, the author of Sogou science and technology culture in 2019, and the influential creator of baijiahao in 2021, he has won the best industry media person of Sohu in 2013, the Beijing season runner up of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015, the 2015 light experience Award, the third runner up of the finals of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015 2018 Baidu dynamic annual strength red man and many other awards.
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