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The blockchain privacy social platform hilamg starts a new journey to break the shackles of traditional social platforms

Time : 19/05/2022 Author : wembd2 Click : + -
        Abstract: with the rise of blockchain technology and concepts, the blockchain social platform has gradually become the "cake" in the eyes of many blockchain industry practitioners. With the rise of blockchain technology and concepts, the blockchain social platform has gradually become the "cake" in the eyes of many blockchain industry practitioners. How to encrypt and store the user's information, break the value monopoly of the information social network, form an ecological social network with multiple benefits, and truly return the user's information ownership to the user's control is a difficult problem that all "people who share the cake" have to face at present, but hilamg has done it. Hilamg combines the immutability, traceability, distributed consensus and customer's sense of security in blockchain social interaction. It is a project operation specially tailored for global blockchain practitioners. It integrates decentralized social interaction, community management, project promotion, digital asset service, full case design and customization technology and other product services to use the social app for free.
        In the blockchain environment, the decentralized network structure and the high degree of confidentiality of user information can be maintained. The sincerity of hilamg can be seen from privacy social networking, community management and digital payment. The first is private social networking. When the user uses hilamg, hilamg allows the user to run nodes on their own devices to access the network. The nodes are interconnected in real time. The user information is stored on the network nodes in the form of encryption. All chat content will be encrypted end-to-end, and the information will not be transmitted through any third-party server. Each piece of information has its own security lock and security key. The function of burning after reading and screenshot notification ensures the high confidentiality of the user's information, gives the right to freedom of information to the user's control, and completely suppresses the risk of disclosing privacy.
        Based on the point-to-point communication mode of the blockchain and the decentralized network structure, hilamg has the characteristics that cannot be tampered with. It will truly realize the user's trust and re-establish the credit system between people. The second is community management. While the blockchain community model has unlimited possibilities, the expansion speed of the blockchain community is also amazing. The order within the group must be assisted by the relevant community management tools. Hilamg's strong community management ability perfectly meets this demand. The maximum number of people in the community can be 3000. When the consensus base of the community is generated, more interests are generated.
        In addition, the hilamg community has such functions as mandatory withdrawal of messages, payment to join the group, prohibition of adding friends to each other, forbidden words management, slow play and screen brushing mode, and global clearing, which makes the community management easier and more convenient. The community dynamics, official website, project white paper, business plan and promotional video are clear at a glance. The project display is perfectly presented and the community culture is easily created. Hilamg's digital payment is also eye-catching. Online payment: for apps requiring digital currency payment, it can access the hilamg digital payment interface, support multi currency digital wallets, and bip39 standard mnemonics to ensure fund security; Scan code for payment and support digital currency payment. Merchants can automatically receive RMB; Hilamg embeds a large number of third-party applications to realize value circulation and so on.
        One click coin purchase does not need KYC, which is more convenient and more private. The handling fee for coin withdrawal is lower and the price is more favorable. In the next two months, hilamg offers great discounts. On June 28, it purchased usdt with 6.28 yuan. "Hello, group leader" -- hilamg community support plan and one click coin purchase usdt in July have the lowest price in the whole network, bringing more surprises to users.
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