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Blockchain is a major content of Building Digital China

Time : 27/02/2022 Author : zqrkow Click : + -
        On March 25, the first blockchain Innovation Summit Forum of China Association of small and medium sized enterprises, hosted by the industrial blockchain special committee of China Association of small and medium sized enterprises, will be held in Haikou on March 25. The golden finance will broadcast the agenda of the conference. Shan Zhiguang, director of the informatization and Industrial Development Department of the national information center and chairman of the blockchain service network development alliance, said: digital transformation has become the only way for high-quality development. When we understand the development of blockchain, we should put it into the national digital development plan. Blockchain is a major part of building a digital China. It is necessary to build a digital economy, a digital society and a digital government, and drive the transformation of production mode, lifestyle and governance mode through digital transformation.
        Today, the development of blockchain cannot follow the old road of the Internet, and chaos cannot be solved first. The development of blockchain should go forward with high speed and high quality at the beginning. Blockchain is an innovation of management, an innovation of thinking, and a collection of many existing technologies.
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