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Network layer of blockchain,Compatibility certification is further extended | Xunji technology products have been certified by Unicorn software neocertify

Time : 05/07/2022 Author : wqf4ak Click : + -
        A few days ago, xunxi Chengdu Technology Co., Ltd. independently built two core products of the "xunxi Rongyi chain" platform based on its core advantages & mdash& mdash; The compatibility test of the bottom platform software of the thunderray raychain blockchain (hereinafter referred to as the thunderray raychain platform software) v2.0 and the system software of the thunderray blockchain as a service raybaas platform (hereinafter referred to as the thunderray raybaas software) v4.0 has been completed to meet the general compatibility requirements, performance and reliability requirements, and can meet the key application needs of users. Therefore, it has obtained the neocertify certification certificate of Kirin software.
        It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Xunji technology has obtained the compatibility certification of domestic self controllable products. Before that, the company's core products have obtained the Huawei Technology Certification and the mutual recognition certificate of compatibility of Changjiang computing products. It is understood that Kirin software takes secure and trusted operating system technology as the core, and mainly aims to create secure and innovative operating system products and corresponding solutions for general and special fields; Its Galaxy Kirin advanced server operating system V10 has the highest security level evaluation certification in China and is widely used in many key fields such as party and government, finance, medical treatment, transportation and manufacturing. The passing of this certification of xunxi raychain platform software and xunxi raybaas software marks the strong compatibility of the "xunxi Rongyi chain" platform, which can provide government and enterprise customers with leading performance, flexible and efficient blockchain services, thus promoting the development of independently controllable domestic blockchain technology in the new era and new infrastructure.
        Raychain blockchain underlying Platform Software v2.0, i.e. blockchain underlying network system (raychain), is a low-cost, low threshold, autonomous and controllable blockchain network system for government and enterprises to safely manage data assets and optimize value-added; It is committed to building a blockchain infrastructure network with high performance, good scalability, versatility in a wide range of scenarios, and security compliance. Xunxi blockchain as a service raybaas platform system software v4.0, i.e. blockchain management and control platform (raybaas), is an independently researched and developed blockchain network bottom management platform. It uses independently researched and developed blockchain technology to solve the problems of high barriers for users to use blockchain technology, large implementation difficulties, complex deployment, difficult operation and maintenance, and low efficiency; Provide users with leading-edge, flexible and efficient blockchain services, enable users to build a safe and stable blockchain environment in a simple, fast and efficient manner, and provide a variety of safe, lightweight and stable deployment solutions to ensure rapid deployment, upgrading and expansion.
        The blockchain underlying network system (raychain) and the blockchain control platform (raybaas), as the core components of the "Xunji Rongyi chain" platform, play a key role in the enterprise vision of Xunji technology "building a trusted system in the digital world with data sovereignty blockchain"; Based on this, Xunji technology has built a number of innovative application platforms to help the development of the real economy in the application scenarios of "blockchain +" such as government affairs, finance, people's livelihood and new smart cities. The completion of product compatibility certification with Kirin software, on the one hand, proves that Xunji technology's technical capability and service level in the blockchain field have reached the industry leading level, and on the other hand, it will promote Xunji technology to continuously expand the application practice of domestic independent controllable blockchain technology and products.
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