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State Grid blockchain technology laboratory was inaugurated

Time : 18/07/2022 Author : s5jqwk Click : + -
        Recently, the blockchain Technology Laboratory of State Grid Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as the State Grid blockchain Technology Laboratory) was officially inaugurated, and Zheng Zhiming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as the chief scientist of the laboratory. Wang Dong, director of the blockchain Technology Laboratory of the State Grid, said that under the double opportunities of the rise of the blockchain into the national strategy and the inclusion of the new infrastructure, the establishment of the laboratory will give full play to the fundamental and leading role of the advanced technology of the blockchain in China's digital economy, help to cultivate new formats of the blockchain industry, explore the new mode of the blockchain enabled digital economy, and realize the transformation of blockchain scientific and technological achievements to fully benefit China's energy, government affairs The digital upgrading of the economy and other fields has driven the blockchain technology to become a new engine for the high-quality development of the digital economy and society.
        In the next step, the State Grid Corporation of China will take the opportunity of the unveiling of the State Grid blockchain technology laboratory, rely on its pivotal position and high-quality resources in the energy and power industry, and join hands with advanced forces from all walks of life to realize the transformation of blockchain technology achievements in a larger scale, and help build an international leading energy Internet enterprise with Chinese characteristics. It is reported that the State Grid e-commerce company (State Grid Financial Technology Group), as the construction and operation unit of the State Grid blockchain technology laboratory, has established the first central enterprise blockchain professional company & mdash; in August 2019& mdash; State Grid blockchain Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has established an industry wind vane in the research and development of energy blockchain core technology and the construction of innovation practice.
        In the construction of the blockchain platform, it undertook the top-level design and development of the "State Grid chain" which is the largest public service platform of the energy blockchain in China.
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