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Network layer of blockchain,Hedu software: web30 is a decentralized network ecosystem based on blockchain Technology

Time : 20/09/2021 Author : dez4qg Click : + -
        Web3.0 is mainly related to decentralized and non-homogeneous tokens based on blockchain. In Web3.0, users interact to meet their own needs, and use blockchain technology in the interaction to realize the creation, distribution and circulation of value. The whole process of user interaction and value cycle forms the Web3.0 ecosystem. Compared with the platform centralization feature of Web2.0, Web3.0 is committed to realizing a "decentralized" network ecosystem owned and jointly constructed by users. Driven by the distributed technology represented by the blockchain, from the decentralized point-to-point ledger experiment to the decentralized smart contract platform, numerous new applications have emerged, slowly forming "financial services" in the digital world, and NFT has accelerated the asset chain.
        We can see that outside the real world, users are getting closer and closer to a compatible digital world. So far, people are calling for a brand-new network world & mdash& mdash; The meta universe can reliably carry personal social identity and assets, and the community will have a stronger dominant power. Web3.0 technology stack can be divided into three layers: protocol layer, application layer and network foundation layer. All this is mainly based on the blockchain. From the application perspective, Web3.0 covers most areas of Web2.0, including Dao, privacy, applications, storage and data, games, creator economic platform, social networking, etc.
        In any case, Web3.0 ecology has taken shape. In the continuous application exploration, the veil of Web3.0 will be lifted step by step. Users participate in the interaction of the network world through virtual avatars. In Web3.0, the collection of virtual avatars is user identity, which is actually owned and mastered by users, also known as decentralized identity. Compared with the user identity in Web2.0 era, Web3.0 user identity is very different in identity control, openness, security and privacy. In the era of Web 3.0, the meta universe will be a network form full of imagination and creativity. In the Web2.0 era, people are used to taking "virtual world" and "real world" as the boundaries of the online and offline world.
        The meta universe based on Web3.0 will be the deep integration of the so-called "real world" and "virtual world". In this regard, the person in charge of Hesu software believes that an entity in the meta universe can not only engage in economic activities in the defi market, but also hold real-world assets and interests. That is to say, there is no separation between the "virtual world" account and the "real world" account system for the assets in the meta universe. The meta universe will be a fusion form of "real world" and "virtual world". It is generally believed that although the world of the meta universe is jointly built by users and different applications can be freely connected and integrated through various means, the virtual world of the meta universe cannot be connected with the asset account of the real world. Because the real world has ecological isolation, the "external meta universe" cannot enter the ecology of the current Web2.0 era.
        In the era of Web3.0, users will enjoy real data autonomy. At that time, the Internet will take on a new look. However, there are also risks behind the great autonomy, and it may be more important to formulate policies in advance. Return to Sohu to see more.
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