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Hunter hound coin is said to be initiated by foreign tycoons? In fact, the whole project is a fraud

Time : 15/03/2022 Author : jrn1gx Click : + -
        Hunter (hound) hound coin project, it was revealed that this project deceived investors into entering under the pretext of being issued by foreign tycoons. In fact, the whole project was a scam with rotten packaging, and the whole project background was false. According to the owner of Hunter (hound) hound coin project, the project was developed by Hayden Adams, the former technical member of uniswap, who set up a technical team in September 2020. Hayden Adams is one of the core developers of uniswap and currently serves as the CEO of the project. However, some users found out that Hayden Adams was neither a technical member of uniswap nor one of the core developers. There were many information about this person on the Internet. This person graduated in 16 years and worked as a mechanical engineer for the first time. After one year, he was fired. Later, with the help of his friends, he came into contact with the blockchain field and has been engaged in uniswap ever since.
        Therefore, the background experience of Hayden Adams mentioned by the Hunter (hound) Dog Coin project is completely wrong. What started to contribute to the blockchain community in 2011, uniswap technical member, one of the core developers, set up a team to engage in Hunter (hound) dog coin in September 2020. These experiences and titles are completely wrong. Moreover, there is no information about Hunter (hound) hound coin on this person's Twitter account. If it is really the founder, it is impossible to have any confidence. Therefore, the only possibility is that the founder of this project is another person, but the project party wants to use this person's influence to carry out false packaging.
        In addition to the fact that the founder is fake, he also claims to be a foreign project. Unexpectedly, it is also fake. All the contact information on the official website shows that there is no definition, not to mention a foreign project. There is no such thing for a domestic project. If it is really fake, it can no longer be fake. Therefore, Hunter (hound) dog coin is a project with very simple packaging. The reason why they dare to make up stories so carelessly and are not afraid of being discovered is that they have no plan to do it for a long time and run away in a few months at most. Now that it has been exposed, investors should no longer dare to be cut off.
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