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High quality blockchain mall,Fire chain technology and data chain first launched the "blockchain + questionnaire" platform to help real estate projects

Time : 20/10/2021 Author : 1lym48 Click : + -
        (reporter Chi Mingxia reported) since 2021, the concept of "box in the park" has become popular in many real estate projects of Xining Vanke, Qinghai. The design concept of "taking nature as the base and" box "as the point to create six box power sources caters to the differentiation of outdoor activities of Xining urban residents. "Xining Vanke and a & amp; n Shangyuan use research team are using the & lsquo; insight chain alliance platform & rsquo; to conduct user research. Based on the user data of 30 cities across the country, they analyze the urban commonality and personality problems of residents' outdoor activities among different cities, so as to design real estate products that are more in line with Xining residents' living habits.
        ”Fan Jin, head of the fire chain technology industry empowerment center, told the reporter that this is the first truly "blockchain + questionnaire" platform on the market at present, which mainly solves the problem of building a user data collection platform. The so-called "insight chain alliance platform" is a questionnaire research platform jointly developed by fire chain technology and digital chain technology, which completes the user data collection function through blockchain technology. It uses blockchain tokens to establish a user point incentive system, and accesses the point mall and blockchain point trading platform to standardize the user research and analysis indicators. Users are invited to regularly update some important indicator data. Specifically, the "insight chain alliance platform" splits a long questionnaire into multiple short questionnaires, and the respondents complete the questionnaires in fragments, effectively ensuring the quality of the questionnaire data.
        At the same time, the use of blockchain technology can realize data confirmation and traceability, and realize the combination of multiple short questionnaires to form a long questionnaire on the premise of ensuring that the personal privacy information of users is not disclosed, which not only ensures that researchers can understand the user's demand data as much as possible, but also avoids the bad user experience caused by the respondent filling in a long questionnaire. Reporters from a & amp; N Shangyuan group understands that a & amp; N Shangyuan group has cooperated with digital chain technology to launch the "real estate insight alliance" program in the real estate industry. The plan will form a user data collection and analysis platform serving the three major design systems of real estate architecture, landscape and interior with the help of "insight chain alliance platform", change the traditional real estate project design mode, and realize a new design work mode that allows users to directly participate in the real estate project design.
        At present, nearly 30 real estate City branches and business departments under nearly 10 well-known real estate developers including Vanke, rongchuang and sunshine city have participated. With the help of the "insight chain alliance platform", the plan aims to open up and share the data of real estate users' behavior habits and attitude preferences in major cities across the country, make up for the shortcomings of real estate big data products on the market in user data collection and application, so as to form real estate industry big data in a true sense, not only serving the real estate investment and project marketing, but also serving the project design, Make the design of real estate products more in line with the needs of users. In fact, in May 2021, fire chain technology and data chain technology reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides established a strategic cooperation relationship in industrial scheme consulting, digital business model, high-quality project cooperation and other aspects around the blockchain technology enabled questionnaire survey and data collection industry, and jointly studied the new business model of questionnaire survey.
        It is reported that as a blockchain enterprise focusing on open ecological construction, fire chain technology is deeply engaged in the integration of production, learning, research and application of blockchain, and actively promotes the digitization of physical industry and the industrialization of digital technology. At present, it has carried out blockchain empowerment practice with more than 20 fields such as retail, FMCG, e-commerce, Internet of things and tourism to promote the comprehensive development of "blockchain + industry". Founded in 2019, datalink technology is focused on providing public opinion surveys for governments and large enterprises in the real estate and education industries with consumer data collection and analysis and user behavior research services. "In the future, the & lsquo; insight chain alliance platform & rsquo; is expected to lead the revolution in the questionnaire industry. Fire chain technology will also continue to help the innovation breakthrough and application scenario landing of the blockchain industry, and create more benchmarking cases of & lsquo; blockchain + Industry & rsquo.
        ”Fan Jin said.
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